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Allison Transmission: Brand overview

Founded:14 September 1915
Founder:James A. Allison
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Allison Transmission Company came into existence in 1915 through the entrepreneurial spirit of James A. Allison. Allison was an inventor and engineer with a keen interest in automobiles. His initial focus was on developing technology for racing cars, and his skills quickly brought him recognition in the automotive industry.

In 1915. Allison set a new bar in auto racing by founding the Allison Engineering Company and introducing its first product, a transmission for race cars. This new product quickly gained popularity among racing teams due to its superior quality and ingenious design. As the news spread, the company’s reputation grew.

In 1934, in a strategic maneuver, General Motors acquired Allison Engineering Company, renaming it the Allison Transmission Division. This acquisition proved beneficial as the new division played a critical role in providing transmissions for General Motors vehicles, thereby improving their reliability.

Recognizing the market opportunity after World War II, Allison Transmission expanded its product offerings by developing transmissions for heavy-duty vehicles such as buses and trucks. These new developments quickly gained acceptance in the commercial vehicle market and allowed Allison to become a leading supplier of transmissions, a position it maintains today.

In the 1960s, Allison Transmission made another significant contribution to the transportation industry by creating innovative transmissions for military vehicles. These advanced transmissions increased the mobility and protection of military personnel in vehicles ranging from tanks to helicopters.

In the years following the establishment of Allison Transmission, there was significant growth and diversification. The company entered new markets, including mining and construction, and quickly became a leader in the field by expanding its range of transmissions.

Allison Transmission is recognized as a world leader in commercial and military transmissions. With operations in 15 countries and more than 10,000 employees, Allison Transmission transmissions are used in vehicles ranging from city buses to military tanks. This progressive company is constantly innovating and providing efficient and reliable solutions to its customers around the world.

In 1915. James A. Allison founded the Allison Engineering Company, a decision that later transformed the engineering industry.

In 1934, General Motors expanded its business portfolio by acquiring Allison Engineering Company, which was a profitable move.

In 1947, Allison Transmission introduced the first automatic transmission for city buses, changing the perception of public transportation.

In 1956, Allison Transmission introduced the world’s first fully automatic transmission for trucks.

In the 1960s, Allison Transmission greatly improved military technology by creating advanced transmissions.

In the 1970s, Allison Transmission entered the mining and construction industry, furthering progress and innovation.

In the 1980s, Allison Transmission pioneered the automotive industry with the world’s first electronically controlled transmission.

In the 1990s, Allison Transmission expanded its global footprint into the European and Asian markets.

In the early 2000s, Allison Transmission introduced the world’s first hybrid-electric transmission.

In the 2010s, Allison Transmission reached new milestones by diversifying and expanding its operations.

In 2023, Allison Transmission continues to revolutionize the transportation sector with state-of-the-art transmissions for a variety of applications.

Meaning and History

Allison Transmission Logo History

What is Allison Transmission?

Allison Transmission has been a pioneer in commercial automatic transmissions and hybrid powertrains for a century, and its advanced technology has made it a globally recognized and respected American company. James A. Allison laid the foundation for the company in 1915, and since then Allison Transmission has grown into a significant force in the automotive industry. Today, the company’s transmissions and hybrid powertrains are used in applications ranging from construction and mining equipment to military vehicles and city buses.

1930 – 1956

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1999 – 2021

Allison Transmission Logo

The two red and blue rings on the Allison Transmission logo are a generalized representation of the circular elements often found in transmission systems. Their design vaguely resembles yin and yang, conveying continuous motion. This symbolizes the rotation required to link a car’s engine to its wheels. As for the company’s name, it is written next to the rings in two lines and designed in a bold font with long rectangular serifs.

The logo resembles a pair of spinning wheels that twist and turn, constantly in motion. The rings are not just circles; they resemble mini racing tracks for cars, making you think of speed and power. The title next to it is written in such a way that it is impossible to miss it as if someone is shouting: “Hey look, it’s Allison Transmission!”. The font gives the impression that they are here and now, solid and reliable. The logo isn’t just a picture; it’s a little story about what the company does.

Allison Transmission color codes

Air Force BlueHex color:#18338f
RGB:24 51 143
CMYK:83 64 0 44
Pantone:PMS 661 C
CrimsonHex color:#d01334
RGB:208 19 52
CMYK:0 91 75 18
Pantone:PMS 185 C