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The Aloha Airlines logo brings to mind the beautiful colors and vibrant colors of Hawaii. The airline wanted to give people flying with them the fun and warmth of Hawaii. Even though the airline no longer exists, the logo still reminds people of the good times they had in Hawaii.

Aloha Airlines: Brand overview

Founded in 1946, Aloha Airlines quickly became a symbol of Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage. Initially a modest route connecting Honolulu and Maui with a single airplane, it was eventually expanded with Trans-Pacific Airlines. As the airline grew in popularity, it began to increase its fleet and expand its service routes. A major milestone for Aloha Airlines came in 1963 when it became the first airline to provide all-jet service between the islands and the U.S. mainland.

In the early 2000s, Aloha Airlines achieved considerable success and popularity among the public. However, rising fuel prices, a decline in Hawaiian tourism, and increased competition from rival airlines led to its collapse. In March 2008, Aloha Airlines ceased operations and declared bankruptcy.

Meaning and History

Aloha Airlines Logo History

What is Aloha Airlines?

Aloha Airlines was a prominent American airline headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, that operated flights primarily out of Honolulu International Airport.

The airline’s history began in 1946 under the name Trans-Pacific Airlines. In 1959, it rebranded to Aloha Airlines, symbolizing the spirit of hospitality and love inherent in Hawaiian culture. In its six decades of existence, the airline became a staple of Hawaiian aviation, connecting the islands to the mainland and international destinations.


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1965 – 1970s

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1970s – 1979

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1990s – 2008

Aloha Airlines Logo

The bright Aloha Airlines logo is optimistic, in keeping with the American airline’s corporate identity, which is aimed at attracting the attention of its customers. This positive attitude is conveyed through the hand-drawn text, the right side of which is slanted upwards. This diagonal orientation implies an easy take-off and reflects the company’s confident and upbeat approach to its operations. The font of the word “Aloha” is lowercase, italicized, and bold. The text is interrupted by a blue line. Below this line to the right is the second part of the name, typed in small capital letters with a wide spacing.

The blue line interrupting the text introduces a splash of color to complement the cheerful tone set by the hand-drawn text. This line can also be seen as a visual representation of the horizon, emphasizing the company’s aviation focus. The wide spacing between the small capital letters in the second part of the name gives it a modern, airy feel, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to creating a positive experience for its customers.

Aloha Airlines color codes

TangeloHex color:#fa4c00
RGB:250 76 0
CMYK:0 70 100 2
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
French BlueHex color:#0073c3
RGB:0 115 195
CMYK:100 41 0 24
Pantone:PMS 3005 C