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The designers have created a stylish Amazon Music logo that plays on the famous Amazon logo. It symbolizes the full coverage of all musical genres and artists whose songs can be listened to on the streaming media platform or bought from the online store.

Amazon Music: Brand overview

Founded:September 25, 2007
United States

Amazon music is a music platform that sells music tracks produced by EMI, Universal, Warner, and Sony BMG and provides access to paid and free subscriptions to listen to content. The platform has 55 million subscribers. The Amazon music logo is part of the Amazon product family.

Initially (2007), the platform was called Amazon MP3, which indicated the extension of the files sold to customers. The name change took place in 2014. Since 2019, music has been cataloged in high-quality Amazon Music HD. Purchased content is delivered through an Amazon audio player or in the form of an MP3 archive.

Meaning and History

Amazon Music Logo History

The logo came about after the merger of Amazon MP3 (a song store) and Amazon Cloud Player (a player for storing and listening to your favorite songs).

What is Amazon Music?

An online platform with more than 50 million songs, available in part or full to subscribers from 50 countries for listening and buying.

2014 – 2017

Amazon Music Logo 2014

The first logo resulted from a merger and retained elements from both platforms. It consists of the name of Amazon music, written in one piece, and icons added to it, emphasizing the brand’s essence. This style is common to most of Amazon’s sub-products.

The name of the parent company comes first. It is written in bold black type, but with a small letter. This is an indication of the primacy of the online store. The rest of the products are only its varieties, additional departments of the “supermarket.” The absence of a capital letter slightly shifts the emphasis, allowing the individuality of a particular product to emerge. It also demonstrates the proximity to the buyer, considering his preferences and the importance of his choice.

The second part of the inscription – music – is made in a thinner black font. It is no longer translucent, like Cloud Player, and no longer colored, like MP3, which makes the combination of Amazon music closer to each other, made in the same key.

Amazon in the logo, a prototype of the Amazon River, means the largest stream. In this case, musical. The platform does contain one of the largest song catalogs (50 million).

An underlined arrow starting with the letter “a” and pointing to “z” divides the word into two parts: Amaz and on. The first comes from amazing – to surprise, and the second is part of the expression come on, meaning an impulse to move, to act.

In general, the combination means “begin to be surprised.” The platform tries to provide the listener with excellent sound quality, a complete set of compositions, and excellent technologies for listening does everything to surprise with the opportunities provided.

The arrow is a download symbol, and its pointing to Z is a hint at a ZIP folder. It was in this format that the user used to be able to download the purchased music.

Above the word music, there are vertical stripes corresponding to the volume of sound waves. They are a visual display of the rhythm and encourage listening.

Although the visual sign was informative, it was too long and elongated, and the combination of different styles and elements made it unwieldy.

2017 – today

Amazon Music Logo

Since the end of 2016, the platform has been offering Music Unlimited, a paid catalog with a large collection of tracks. Restructuring to HD quality resulted in a complete rebranding.

The modern version of the logo looks more compact and stylish. It consists of the word music and an arched arrow below it. The underlining element is a prototype of listening and downloading, two features the platform offers.

Together, the word and the sign resemble a smiley – a symbol of a smile. Using Amazon music is a pleasure and always a joy.

The idea of loud and quiet sound tones, instead of drawing a soundtrack, as in the previous sign, was reflected in the presence of a color gradient of the letters. The change of colors and their modulations demonstrates the rise and fall of the sound, a harmonious combination that creates a melody.

Font and Colors

Amazon Music Emblem

Modern color logo. Its blue-blue gamut hints at the cloud storage of purchased files and listening to them through a special Cloud Player. Color reflects digital technology and online store. Demonstrates high spirits and inspiration that music gives. Alludes to the blue waves of the Amazon, a running stream.

Amazon Music Symbol

Emblem font – Webnar Medium

Amazon Music color codes

Blizzard BlueHex color:#49beee
RGB:73 190 238
CMYK:69 20 0 7
Pantone:PMS 306 C
Star Command BlueHex color:#177bbe
RGB:23 123 190
CMYK:88 35 0 25
Pantone:PMS 7461 C