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The America West Airlines logo was like a firm handshake. It looked simple, but it immediately seemed like this airline was serious and reliable. Even though the airline has merged and the name has changed, the old logo still makes people remember that America West played an important role in flying to the United States. The logo conveys the reliability and a touch of ruggedness that the American West is known for, promising flight and adventure.

America West Airlines: Brand overview

In 1981, America West Airlines was born in Tempe, Arizona, with a fleet of three Boeing 737 airplanes and a clear vision: to offer affordable and reliable flights throughout the western United States.

The success story of America West Airlines unfolded throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, leaving a mark in the azure skies with its rapidly expanding network. It offered routes to many destinations spanning the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and even the Caribbean, changing the travel landscape with a myriad of options.

In 1993, America West Airlines introduced the revolutionary “Frequent Flyer Preference Program,” a loyalty rewards system that awarded points for every flight. This innovation allowed passengers to accumulate points, which allowed them to take free flights and enjoy other exclusive privileges. This made traveling the world more affordable than ever before.

A major milestone in America West Airlines’ journey was its 2005 merger with US Airways, which created a leading airline company, the sixth largest airline in the United States. The combined company retained the US Airways name, and most of its management team was made up of former America West executives. The alliance between the two industry leaders offered customers a variety of travel options and propelled US Airways to the top of the industry.

In 2015, American Airlines Group wrote a new chapter in the annals of commercial aviation by acquiring US Airways and eliminating the US Airways brand. This merger not only strengthened American Airlines’ presence in the industry but also preserved the legacy of America West Airlines, as many of its former executives remained key figures in American Airlines’ leadership.

Meaning and History

America West Airlines Logo History

What is America West Airlines?

America West Airlines is an American airline founded in 1981 in Tempe, Arizona. The carrier has been an example of entrepreneurial spirit and resilience, overcoming significant obstacles to become one of the leading airlines in the United States.

The company began during the deregulation of the airline industry in the late 1970s. Despite initial financial difficulties and fierce competition, the company managed to expand its reach, offering service to an increasing number of destinations across the country. Its stability culminated in a merger with US Airways in 2005, which eventually led to a complete rebranding.

1983 – 1996

America West Airlines Logo 1983

1996 – 2005

America West Airlines Logo

The America West Airlines logo combines graphic and text elements that are equally important. Most of the space is taken up by the airline’s name, written in tall letters in a unique style. Some of them, particularly the “A,” “M,” and “W,” resemble Native American teepees. Other glyphs have pointed and truncated edges, giving them a rough appearance. A distinct icon with stylized letters is present on the right. The double letter “A” without a crossbar evokes the image of a teepee against a red sun, and the letter “W” is a fundamental element supporting the composition.

The use of tepee-like elements indicates a connection to America’s cultural history. The rugged features of the additional symbols imply durability and strength, qualities that are commonly associated with the reliability of air transportation. The distinct badge on the right gives a modern look and balances the traditional elements in the rest of the design.

America West Airlines color codes

Tropical Rain ForestHex color:#007661
RGB:0 118 97
CMYK:100 0 18 54
Pantone:PMS 335 C
RedHex color:#e62803
RGB:230 40 3
CMYK:0 83 99 10
Pantone:PMS 172 C