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The monogram of the first two letters of the name forms the logo of the American Eagles of American University in Washington. In this way, the athletes reflect their commitment to the team’s ideals, demonstrating their determination to defend them honorably.

American Eagles: Brand overview

Washington, D.C., U.S.
American Eagles is the name of the sports division of American University, located in Washington, D.C., founded in 1893, almost concurrently with the university’s opening. It includes 14 teams – 6 men’s and eight women’s, including basketball, soccer, track and field, wrestling, diving, and others. The department is headed by Billy Walker. Athletes compete in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and are members of the Patriot League.

Meaning and History

American Eagles Logo History

The 1985 emblem features an eagle – the main symbol of the university teams. The bird’s head is turned to the left and is centered within a blue-red square. The eagle’s gaze is stern and serious, indicating its focus and embodying the athletes’ determination. Below is the inscription “American University,” and beneath it, the nickname “Eagles.” They are executed in uppercase and written in thin serif letters. The lower word has a wide gap between the characters.

What is American Eagles?

American Eagles is a sports program belonging to American University in Washington. It encompasses 14 teams, the most successful of which are volleyball, wrestling, and field hockey. The department’s representatives are part of the NCAA, where they compete in Division I. They also participate in the Patriot League and the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association.

1985 – 2005

American Eagles Logo 1985-2005

2006 – today

American Eagles Logo 2006-Present

The current logo dates back to 2006 and is radically different from its predecessor. It doesn’t feature an eagle – only the university’s abbreviation (“AU”). The symbols are arranged in a staircase pattern and read from top to bottom. They are colored blue and have a complex white-blue-raspberry border.

American Eagles Emblem

In the lower half is a wide, slightly curved line with the word “American.” It harmoniously fits into the main canvas. The curved shape emphasizes the unity of the two fragments. Moreover, the strip is longer than the monogram, so it extends beyond the edges. The color of the inner letters is white. The font is uppercase, with serifs.

American Eagles: Interesting Facts

The American University Eagles, from Washington, D.C., are a big part of college sports, playing in Division I. They’re known for doing well in many sports and caring much about school and sports.

  1. Many Sports: They have teams in basketball, soccer, swimming, running, field hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, volleyball, and track. They like sports!
  2. Basketball: The men’s basketball team has played in the big college tournament several times, showing they’re one of the better teams around.
  3. Wrestling: Their wrestling team is known nationwide because they have some of the best college wrestlers.
  4. Smart and Sporty: They’re in the Patriot League, which means they’re good at sports but also make sure they do well in school.
  5. Famous Graduates: Some of their former students have done amazing things, like Kermit Washington, who became a big basketball star.
  6. Field Hockey: Their field hockey team is one of the best, winning many games and playing in the national tournament.
  7. Soccer: Both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams are pretty good. They compete well in their leagues and sometimes make it to the national tournament.
  8. Bender Arena: This is where they play basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. It’s a big place that can hold a lot of fans.
  9. Green Sports: They’re trying to make sports more eco-friendly, which means they’re doing things to help the environment.
  10. Helping Out: The Eagles like to help in their community, showing that being a good athlete also means being a good person.

The American University Eagles stand for being good at sports, doing well in school, and helping out, showing what their university is all about.

Font and Colors

American Eagles color codes

Dark Powder BlueHex color:#143d8d
RGB:20 61 141
CMYK:86 57 0 45
Pantone:PMS 287 C
RedHex color:#c41230d
RGB:196 18 48
CMYK:0 91 76 23
Pantone:PMS 185 C