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American Eagles Logo
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American Eagles are the name Sports Department of the American University, located in Washington, DC, and was founded in 1893, almost simultaneously with the university’s opening. It consists of 14 teams – 6 men’s and eight women’s – including basketball, football, athletics, wrestling, diving, and others. The head of the department is Billy Walker. The athletes compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s first division and are members of the Conference Patriot League.

Meaning and History

American Eagles Logo History
Evolution of the American Eagles Logo

On the 1985 logo, there is an eagle – the main symbol of university teams. The bird’s head is turned to the left and is in the center of the blue-red square. The look of the eagle is formidable, serious, which indicates its concentration and embodies athletes’ purposefulness. At the bottom is the inscription “American University” and under it the nickname “Eagles.” They are upper case and are written in thin, serifed letters. The lower word has a wide breakdown between the signs.

1985 – 2005

American Eagles Logo 1985-2005

2006 – today

American Eagles Logo 2006-Present

The current logo is dated 2006 and differs radically from the previous one. There is no eagle on it – only abbreviation from the university (“AU”). The symbols are located in a staircase and can be read from top to bottom. They are painted in blue and have a complex white, blue, and raspberry edging.

American Eagles Emblem

In the lower half is a wide, slightly curved line with the word “American.” It fits harmoniously into the main canvas. The curved shape emphasizes the unity of the two fragments. And the strip is longer than the monogram, so it protrudes the edges. The color of the inner letters is white. The font is capital, serifed.