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The Amerijet International logo is a work of art in which each element has its meaning and meaning. The emblem, made in a two-level style, symbolizes the strength and reliability of the company, which is ready to deliver goods worldwide.

The central element is the letter “A,” made in the form of a dark azure star, which refers to the power and richness of the night sky. The diagonal stripe with a red color, located on the side of the star, is a symbol of dynamism and movement. Together they emphasize the high professional competence of the company and its readiness for continuous development.

The Amerijet name is at the top of the logo, and INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES is at the bottom. The red color in which the inscription is made symbolizes passion and energy and indicates the company’s global orientation, which is ready to offer its services to international customers.

The Amerijet International emblem generally emphasizes the company’s important values: professionalism, reliability, efficiency, and globality. It reflects the company’s commitment to high performance and continuous improvement of its services to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Amerijet International: Brand overview

Founded: 1974
Founder: David Bassett
Miami, Florida, United States

Meaning and History

Amerijet International Logo History

1974 – 2022

Amerijet International Logo 1974

2022 – today

Amerijet International Logo

Amerijet International color codes

Dark Cerulean Hex color: #174a79
RGB: 23 74 121
CMYK: 81 39 0 53
Pantone: PMS 7693 C
Pigment Red Hex color: #ee1c23
RGB: 238 28 35
CMYK: 0 88 85 7
Pantone: PMS 485 C