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Android Logo

Android Logo
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The Android brand strives to be as inclusive as possible because it introduces an open operating system that reaches billions of active users. The OS is designed for various devices, including smartphones, TVs, watches, cars, tablets, and other equipment. The platform’s first version appeared in 2008 – three years after the multinational company Google acquired Android, Inc.

Meaning and History

Android Logo History
Evolution of the Android Logo

The release of the mobile operating system was announced in 2007. At the same time, the leaders of the Google corporation started thinking about the visual identity of their new product and brought in a whole team of designers. Irina Blok received the order for the development of the logo. Together with her colleagues, she created sketches of all kinds of androids because the delusional owners wanted a robot to be the star of the image. Before the chosen option became a well-known Android icon, it went through many changes and transformations.

2008 – 2019

Android Logo 2008-2019

The first version of the robot was black and white, but that did not stop it from becoming an international symbol. Graphic designer Irina Blok used simple geometric shapes as building blocks. The torso is an asymmetric square, the head is a semicircle, the antennae are small thin lines, the eyes are white circles, and the limbs are wide stripes with rounded ends. From a banal set of elements, a memorable logo has turned out, with which all Internet users are now familiar.

Irina Blok experimented for a long time before she came to the final version. She looked for inspiration from a variety of sources, including science-fiction films. But the pursuit of the stars was not inspiring enough. In the end, Irina Blok took the tablets from the toilet doors, where figures of men and women are drawn, made up of circles, triangles and squares. This option turned out to be the most successful because it is understandable to people worldwide. There were also rumors that the android was copied from a character from the arcade game Gauntlet: The Third Encounter, but the designer denied the plagiarism charges.

2008 – 2014

Android Logo 2008-2014

Android wordmark Logo 2008-2014

After a little tweaking, the operating system symbol turned green. For him, a light green shade (# A4C639) was chosen to create a contrast with other colors. Simultaneously with the robot icon, a blue wordmark was used: the stylized inscription “ANDROID.” Most letters lacked sidelines, with the first “A” looking lowercase. It was assumed that such a font would be the most technologically advanced and “computer.”

2014 – 2019

Android Logo 2014-2019

Android wordmark Logo 2014-2019

In 2014, the Android 5.0 Lollipop system was released with a new logo. The designers kept the classic image of the robot but repainted it in a darker shade. “Android” is now light green with all characters converted to lowercase. For the changed wordmark, the developers chose an understandable font – a round geometric sans serif. Users first saw this design option in Android 4.4.4 KitKat, but it received an official text logo status only in the Lollipop system.

2017 – 2019

Android Logo 2017-2019

Android wordmark Logo 2017-2019

Shortly before the global redesign, the operating system creators updated the inscription, making the letters bold. The new version graced the loading screen, advertisements, and the platform’s website.

2019 – present

Android Logo 2019-present

The current Android logo is the result of painstaking work by HUGE. Representatives of the creative agency completely revised the familiar brand to add modernity and accessibility to it. The basis of the identity is the green head of a robot in the form of a semicircle with eyes-circles and two antennas. Everything is as usual, but the color is now close to mint.

For the lettering, the designers used a black and thinner font. This made it possible to make the title well readable against any background. The changes took effect with the release of a new version of the operating system – Android 10.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Android Emblem

The iconic platform icon was named Bugdroid because its upper part resembles a beetle. The Android team came up with this comic nickname themselves, and it is still used today, even though the robot’s torso is missing on the emblem. The friendly mascot originally symbolized the curiosity and fun at the heart of open operating system standards.

The Android logo font changed from complex to simply because the developers realized how important it is to make the lettering clear and understandable. Designers at HUGE have selected a sans-serif typeface suitable for display on any screen size. It is similar to Montreal Serial Medium, but the letters at the bottom have slight curves. At the same time, the inscription has become completely black, which is also designed to increase readability.

Android Symbol

After the redesign, Bugdroid received an updated green color (# 3DDC84). In addition, experts have come up with a whole palette of additional shades to improve contrast. Even the greenish-yellow, orange, and blue logos are considered official and allowed for use in different visual contexts.