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Animal Crossing Logo

Animal Crossing Logo
Animal Crossing Logo PNG

Animal Crossing is a Japanese video game from Nintendo. It was developed by two designers – Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. She debuted in the spring of 2001. For 2021, 5 basic variants of this series for the Nintendo platform are known. The add-on also features three spinoffs in a board game, a sandbox game, and a life simulator for mobile gadgets. The gamer acts as a villager and is located in a village with anthropomorphic animals, where he is engaged in various activities – from fishing to mining.

Meaning and History

Animal Crossing Logo History
Evolution of the Animal Crossing Logo

The gameplay is associated not only with gathering but also with the study of the area. The character moves from one settlement to another and stays in them for an unlimited period. But the game heroes have no specific goals – they live in a parallel world because all events take place in real-time.

At the same time, the gamer is engaged in a variety of work:

  • Planting trees and plants.
  • Contacting residents.
  • Collecting items, which is the basic factor of the series.

He can collect anything: fossils, tree fruits, discarded things, shells, and much more. The character sells the mined items for the local currency – Bells. And with the proceeds, he buys clothes, furniture, pays off the loan, invests in stocks, and purchases special tools. With their help, the hero can collect even more things to sell and earn money.

At the same time, during the game, the appearance of the gamer, like his home, can change. He does a different hairstyle, buys or sews new clothes for himself, uses accessories, furnishes the house, expands it, repairs it, re-glues wallpaper, and so on. At the same time, the type of terrain, the image of the inhabitants, the points of the location of the buildings, other locations are generated randomly at the moment of starting the game.

But there are exceptions in some versions of the simulator: the main character chooses the place where his “life” will take place (out of 4 planned locations). In any case, all the noted aspects resonate well with the Animal Crossing logo. They are harmoniously conveyed in it in the form of a calm “home” design. There are two types of logos used for international editions, while in Japanese, they have a different format.

2002 – present

Animal Crossing Logo 2002-present

The game got an interesting logo style from the very start. He breathes peace, peace, confidence, which perfectly resonates with the main concept. The title of the series is written on something that resembles a wooden surface. This is evidenced by the texture of the background and its color. It imitates a door sign. The “Welcome reinforces this impression to” greeting in a thin serif typeface.

The figured plaque looks like it was carved from wood, and its upper outline is shaped like the roof of a long building with a clock in the center. They say that the time spent with the life simulator is infinite and moves in parallel with the outside world. Black shadows are drawn below and on the right of the logo, which makes it volumetric.

2019 – present

Animal Crossing Logo 2019-present

The updated emblem was first used in the Nintendo Switch release of Animal Crossing: The New Horizons. It looks pretty much the same with minor changes. The woody texture is enhanced by horizontal lines, cracks, visual roughness. The yellow letters are complemented by dark beige shadows, which makes the inscription appear convex. The mechanical clock in gear remained the same. The designers lightened the color of the logo.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Animal Crossing Emblem


The individual mark of the simulation game remained almost unchanged. In the second version, some adjustments were made, but they are so minor that, at first glance, they do not even catch the eye. Most of the fixes are related to enhancing wood texture and color adjustments.

The emblem uses a typeface reminiscent of Fink Heavy, a comic book font designed by House Industries. It is part of the RatFink family and consists of “jumping” letters with large serifs.

Animal Crossing Symbol

The color palette is calm, restrained, with a predominance of beige tones, as close as possible to the woody scale. These include brown, olive, yellow, and black or gray for outlines.