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Cartoon elements and bright colors adorn the Dragon Ball emblem, leaving no doubt that it belongs to the world of animation. The emblem has spice, zest, and a thirst for adventure. It reflects the mood of the game and interesting plot twists.

Dragon Ball: Brand overview

The multimedia franchise Dragon Ball is named after the Japanese manga series of the same name, which was released in 1984-1995. The illustrated story became the basis for two anime series. And already around them formed a media franchise, represented by computer games, theatrical films, collectible figurines, and other popular products. In addition, Dragon Ball inspired artists to create non-original manga: Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece.

Meaning and History

Dragon Ball Logo History

Each Dragon Ball film adaptation and video game has its own logo, and the developers managed to make them unique. What all the images have in common is their colorful design. The design is playful as it expresses the light and casual atmosphere of the entertainment content.

What is Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball is a Japanese media franchise based on the manga of the same name. It has been the basis for an anime series, animated films, and feature-length motion pictures. The manga’s plot also served as inspiration for a series of video games.

1986 – 1989

Dragon Ball Logo 1986-1989

One of the first video game logos based on the story of the original manga features the two-line lettering “DRAGON BALL.” The letters overlap and cast black shadows. At the top is the blue word “DRAGON.” At the bottom, aligned on the left edge, is the second part of the name. The designers made it red and added seven yellow circles with hieroglyphics.

1996 – 1998

Dragon Ball Logo 1996-1998

Among the many logos associated with Japanese media, the franchise is the image of a Chinese dragon. In this version, a moon serpent coils around the orange lettering “DRAGON BALL” and bites out the letter “O” with a red star in the middle.

1996 – today

Dragon Ball Logo 1996-present

One of the most popular emblems belongs to the video game Dragon Ball Z. In this variant, the name of the series is presented on a white background. The first two words are written together and separated using a color palette: the yellow half is on the left, and the red half is on the right. The height of the letters is also uneven.

2012 – today

Dragon Ball Logo 2012-present

In 2012, another Dragon Ball Z logo appeared. It differs from the previous one with a black background and ten yellow circles with hieroglyphics lined up under the lettering.

The distinctive emblems are recognizable from Dragon Ball games, movies, and other media products. Most of the designers stuck to a humorous style to appeal to the potential audience. And they succeeded, given the immense popularity of the multimedia franchise not only in their home country of Japan but also around the world.

Dragon Ball: Interesting Facts

“Dragon Ball,” created by Akira Toriyama and first published in 1984, has become a monumental manga and anime series loved around the globe. Its mix of dynamic characters, epic battles, and deep storylines has drawn in fans for decades.

  1. Start: Initially inspired by the classic “Journey to the West,” “Dragon Ball” quickly found its path, focusing on martial arts and the quest for magical Dragon Balls.
  2. Manga and Anime: The manga ran until 1995 and spawned several anime series, including “Dragon Ball Z,” which was crucial in making anime popular in the West.
  3. Worldwide Impact: Translated into many languages and aired in over 80 countries, “Dragon Ball” has become a cultural icon, leading to a wide range of merchandise and making it one of the most successful media franchises ever.
  4. Influence on Anime: It’s influenced many manga and anime creators, shaping the shōnen genre with themes of friendship, struggle, and triumph.
  5. Records: “Dragon Ball” holds Guinness World Records, like the largest gathering of people dressed as its characters, highlighting its lasting popularity.
  6. The Dragon Balls: Central to the series, these seven magical orbs summon a dragon that grants wishes, a concept that’s influenced many other series.
  7. Power Levels and Transformations: Known for introducing “power levels” and iconic transformations like the Super Saiyan, these aspects are fundamental to its identity.
  8. Epic Fights: The series is famous for its long fight scenes, including the Goku vs. Frieza battle, which spans nearly 20 episodes and is one of the longest in anime.
  9. Voice Acting: Masako Nozawa has voiced Goku in all his forms throughout the series, showing remarkable range and commitment.
  10. Ongoing Popularity: Even after the original manga ended, “Dragon Ball” remains popular with new shows, movies, and games, like “Dragon Ball Super” and “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” keeping it relevant in pop culture.

“Dragon Ball” stands as a towering figure in manga and anime, inspiring generations with its messages of perseverance and friendship and showing what it means to never give up in the pursuit of greatness.

Font and Colors

Dragon Ball Emblem

As a rule, Dragon Ball logo creators choose non-standard fonts with sharp or right angles. The letters in many of the inscriptions jumped and changed in height. Such design added dynamics to the images, conveying the atmosphere of the fictional world and corresponding to the actively developing plot.

Dragon Ball Symbol

Colors are always bright and colorful: they can be various shades of red, yellow, or orange. In the very beginning (on the emblem of 1986), the word “DRAGON” was light blue. Black is used for outlines or background, and white is used for background only. In the latest versions, a gradient is used. It makes the letters look three-dimensional and creates an effect of depth.

Dragon Balls color codes

Cadmium YellowHex color:#fff402
RGB:255 244 25
CMYK:0 4 99 0
Pantone:PMS 187 C
Venetian RedHex color:#eb010e
RGB:235 1 14
CMYK:0 100 94 8
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
TenneHex color:#b26201
RGB:178 98 1
CMYK:0 45 99 30
Pantone:PMS 717 C
SangriaHex color:#670001
RGB:103 0 1
CMYK:0 100 99 60
Pantone:PMS 484 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Dragon Ball logo mean?

The Dragon Ball logo represents the media franchise itself, as it contains its name. The inscription looks bright and unusual as if hinting at the dynamism of the plot.

What do the Goku symbols mean?

The Japanese character “Goku” is the kanji for “Son of Goku”. It has a double meaning. On the one hand, it is the root of the word Satori, which translates to “enlightenment.” On the other hand, the kanji has a connection to the term Satoru (to know, to understand).

What is the message of Dragon Ball?

The plot of Dragon Ball is related to the Chinese folk tale “Journey to the West.” The plot of this legend symbolizes the pilgrims’ journey to enlightenment.

Why was Dragon Ball banned?

The Dragon Ball manga is banned in Wicomico County, Massachusetts, due to violent scenes. The anime is also banned in the Spanish region of Valencia due to sexism and on Indian television due to adult movie content. Dragon Ball cannot be discussed on Reddit for the same reason.