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The cloud of emotion reflects the Akatsuki emblem. Behind the emblem is a society of amazing fictional characters whose feelings and actions are not always positive. The hue of the symbols transports the viewer to a fabulous cartoon world.

Akatsuki: Brand overview

Akatsuki is the name of a team of negative characters from the famous Naruto manga and anime. Like all the other characters, they were created by Masashi Kishimoto. They live in a fictional world where countries fight for supreme power. For this purpose, the state hires ninjas with superhuman fighting abilities. The name of the organization translates as “dawn,” but the homophony is closer to the phrase “red moon.”

Meaning and History

Akatsuki Symbol

Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko originally founded Akatsuki to establish tranquility, but after Yahiko’s death, Tobi (alias Obito Uchiha) turned it into an enemy group. All members of the antagonistic team are ninjas who have fled their settlements because they are dangerous criminals – the most powerful and wanted in the entire fantasy universe. They belong to the S-class socially dangerous elements. The organization usually consists of ten members acting in pairs. But after Orochimaru’s departure, there were nine of them for a while. However, the balance was later restored. They were again ten: Obito Uchiha, Zetsu, Kisame Hoshigaki, Konan, Nagato, Itachi Uchiha, Deidara, Hidan, Kakuzu, and Sasori.

The appearance of the enemy members is unified with their emblem: it adorns the clothing of each member of the group. According to the story, they wear black cloaks of straight and long cut with red lining and a high collar reaching to the chin. The cloaks also feature prints of red cumulus clouds. They are the main emblem of Akatsuki.

What is Akatsuki?

Akatsuki is a group of ninja from the Naruto universe. It appears not only in the original manga but also in other products of the media franchise: movies, games, novels, and anime. All members of the organization are divided into teams of two people who together perform certain missions. In doing so, many of them are S-class criminals.

The nails of the characters are painted purple, and they each have one talisman ring on their hands. They are only worn on a specific finger. This is also a symbolic symbol of the team. In addition, members of the group have wide-brimmed conical hats that hide them from prying eyes. Sometimes, manga antiheroes wear headbands with hieroglyphs on their heads, representing the village they fled from. But the names are crossed out with a thin line – this confirms that they no longer live there.

The characters’ fingernails are colored purple, and they each have one talisman ring on their hands. They are only worn on a specific finger. This is also a symbol of the team. In addition, the team members wear wide-brimmed conical hats that hide them from view. Sometimes, the anti-heroes of the manga wear headbands with characters symbolizing the village they fled from. But the names are crossed out with a thin line – confirming that they no longer live there.

For the logo, the creators of the anime series chose a red cloud. It consists of several curls of different shapes and sizes. In total, there are three white strongly curved arcs in the inner space. This artistic technique allows you to emphasize the heapiness of the cloud and highlight its parts.

The edges are uneven, formed from semicircles protruding in different directions. In general, there are five of them. They are concentrated mainly in the right part and resemble large hills. The left side of the logo is narrower, as it has an elongated element departing from the main cloud. It resembles a short “tail” of a text balloon, in which the words of comic book heroes are usually placed.

But still, this emblem of negative characters should not be overlooked, so the designers gave it the shape of a thundercloud. But they colored it not in black, but in dark red color because the members of Akatsuki wear dark clothes. The cloud would be invisible against this background. However, the creators of the series needed to convey a sense of threat, so they chose the color of blood.

The logo shown on the cape also has a white trim strip all around the bloody element so that it stands out clearly and contrasts well with the cape. However, on the printed version of the logo, there is no such strip: the cloud is depicted without the white border.

Font and Colors

Akatsuki Emblem

The emblem does not contain a text part. Inscriptions (hieroglyphs) are present only on the screensaver of the anti-heroes, but it is not part of the main identity of the group. The corporate palette consists of the classic combination of black (represents darkness, enemy forces, negativity), red (is the fatal color of blood), and white (used as a border to highlight elements). However, only two of them – red and white – are used in the logo.

Akatsuki color codes

Coral RedHex color:#f24841
RGB:242 72 65
CMYK:0 70 73 5
Pantone:PMS Warm Red C
Black BeanHex color:#3a140b
RGB:58 20 11
CMYK:0 66 81 77
Pantone:PMS 4625 C


What does the Akatsuki symbol mean?

The Akatsuki symbol, which has the shape of a red cloud, is related to the plot of Naruto. It recalls the bloody rain that fell in Amegakura after the settlement was involved in a war. It was where the creators of Akatsuki – Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko – lived. To them, the blood cloud meant justice.

What does the Akatsuki logo represent?

The emblem of this group of shinobi from the media franchise “Naruto” consists of just one element – a large red cloud. White lines form its contours in a spiral or wavy shape.