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The cartographic logo of Dota 2 represents a stylized map of the game. Trapezoidal images symbolize the main game objects, separated by a longer display that separates them from the river. There are no hidden meanings in the icon.

Dota 2: Brand overview

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online arena created by Valve Corporation in collaboration with IceFrog. Essentially, it is a remake of Defense of the Ancients, a custom mod for Warcraft III.

Meaning and History

Dota 2 Logo History

The logo depicts the official map of Dota 2. In the lower-left corner is the light base, known as The Radiant (previously The Sentinel in DotA). The dark side’s camp, The Dire (formerly The Scourge), is in the upper right corner.

Each team must protect its fortress (Ancient). On the emblem, they are denoted by geometric shapes in the form of inverted trapezoids. A river separates the enemy territories. It is represented by a long, wide line drawn diagonally from left to right.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a MOBA game in which two teams of players must fight in a single arena. Each controls their character to destroy the main building of the opponents and protect their base. Dota 2 has become an esports discipline.

The game world’s authors are the development team at Valve. The basis was existing maps, which different people had invented before them, including Eul (creator of the mod for Warcraft III), Steve “Guinsoo” Feak (former owner of DotA-Allstars, LLC), Abdul “IceFrog” Ismail (ideologist of DotA: Allstars and chief game designer of Dota 2).

As mentioned, the Dota 2 logo represents a fictional territory map. It conventionally depicts two opposing camps and a river flowing between them. The drawing has no double meaning and hidden symbols, although fans have tried to find them. The parallel with the Defense of the Ancients graphic symbol is a completely new emblem designed from scratch.

The background for the objects is a red square. Many suggest it could represent a piece of fabric, paper, or a metal plate. Additionally, the material is intentionally “aged,” with irregularities and torn edges. The trapezium (base) and line (river) look like holes made in a solid canvas.

Dota 2: Interesting Facts

“Dota 2” is a video game where players fight in teams in an online arena. Valve Corporation made it and came out in 2013. Before “Dota 2,” there was a game made by fans called “DotA” that was played with another game called “Warcraft III.”

  1. Making the Game: Valve announced “Dota 2” in 2010, worked on it for a while, and then let everyone play it in 2013. They even asked IceFrog, who helped make the original DotA game, to help them make “Dota 2” good.
  2. Big Tournaments: Every year, “Dota 2” has a huge tournament called The International. It’s famous because the winners get more money than most other video game contests. In 2021, the prize was over $40 million!
  3. Lots of Prizes: The International’s big prizes have made some “Dota 2” players rich. The money comes from things players can buy in the game.
  4. Keeping It Fresh: Valve always updates “Dota 2,” adding new characters and ensuring the game stays fun and fair for everyone.
  5. Many Characters: In “Dota 2,” there are over 100 characters, or heroes, each with their special skills. This makes every game different and interesting.
  6. Using Steam: “Dota 2” works with Steam, a way to get games online. This makes it easy to update the game and find people to play with.
  7. Making New Games: Thanks to the tools Valve gives players, players can create their own versions of Dota 2. This means there are always new things to try in Dota 2.
  8. Free to Play: Anyone can play Dota 2 without paying. Valve makes money by selling items in the game, like character outfits.
  9. Played All Over the World: “Dota 2” is played by people everywhere, and there are many professional “Dota 2” players and teams. There are lots of “Dota 2” contests besides The International.

“Dota 2” is a big deal in online games, especially for people who like competing against each other. Valve keeps improving; many enjoy playing it and watching the tournaments.

Font and Colors

Dota 2 Emblem

There is nothing fundamentally new in the modern logo that would distinguish it from the first trademark of Dota 2. Only minor details have changed over the years. Versions with darker or lighter shades, with gradients, and a blue (almost black) square have appeared. But these are not different emblems, just identical modifications of the same picture.

The map’s base is presented in several shades of red – from burgundy to scarlet. In some cases, tonal transitions convey the depth of the image and create a 3D effect. The background is seen through “holes” – usually, it’s black or white. The choice of color palette depends on the situation, surrounding elements, and visual context. The text next to the square should not be too bright. Designers most often prefer beige and gray tones, so the contrast is quite low.

Dota 2 Symbol

In some versions of the logo, the inscription “Dota 2” or “Dota 2 Valve” is present. Developers used their own font based on serifs. All print symbols, except for the letter “O,” have long serifs. The letter “A” has a pointed horizontal connecting stroke extending far beyond. However, it is lower than usual. The style somewhat resembles the Middle Ages, the time of knights and monarchs.

Dota 2 color codes

Fire BrickHex color:#b22922
RGB:178 41 34
CMYK:0 77 81 30
Pantone:PMS 7620 C
AmericanoHex color:#85776f
RGB:133 119 111
CMYK:0 11 17 48
Pantone:PMS Warm Gray 9 C


What does the Dota 2 logo mean?

The Dota 2 graphic illustrates a map where battles between two teams occur. The middle diagonal denotes the river that separates the bases. Two small trapezoids in the corners are the main buildings that players must protect.

How to download Dota 2?

You can download Dota 2 through the pre-installed Steam client. To do this, you need to log into your Steam account or register. Then, find the game you are interested in in the store and click the download button.

Where can I play Dota 2?

After downloading and installing, you can play Dota 2 through the Steam client. This can be done on a computer or laptop with Linux, macOS, or Windows operating systems.

How to create a team in Dota 2 2020?

To create a team in the new Dota 2 menu, go to the Manage Pro Info and Teams page. It’s located in the “Account” section.