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Dota 2 Logo

Dota 2 Logo
Dota 2 Logo PNG

Dota 2 is aย Multiplayer Online Battle Arenaย video game created by Valve Corporation in collaboration with IceFrog. It is essentially a remake of Defense of the Ancients, a custom mod for Warcraft III.

Meaning and History

Dota 2 Logo History
Evolution of the Dota 2 Logo

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a MOBA game where two teams of players must fight in the same arena. Each controls his character to destroy the main building of rivals and defend his base. Dota 2 has become an esports discipline.

The logo depicts the official Dota 2 map. In the lower-left corner is the Light base known as The Radiant (in DotA – The Sentinel). At the top right is the dark side camp, The Dire (formerly The Scourge).

Each team must defend their fortress (Ancient). On the emblem, they are indicated by geometric shapes in the form of inverted trapezoids. A river separates enemy territories. It is represented by a long, wide line drawn diagonally from left to right.

The authors of the game world are the Valve development team. They were based on existing maps that different people had invented before them, including – Eul (creator of the modification for Warcraft III), Steve “Guinsoo” Feke (ex-owner of DotA-Allstars, LLC), Abdul “IceFrog” Ismail (ideologist of DotA: Allstars and chief game designer of Dota 2).

As mentioned, the Dota 2 logo is a map of a fictional area. It conventionally shows two rival camps and a river flowing between them. The drawing has no double meaning and hidden symbols, although fans have tried to find them. Parallels to the graphic symbol for Defense of the Ancients is a brand new emblem designed from the ground up.

The background for the objects is a red square. Many speculate that it could represent a piece of cloth, paper, or a metal plate. Moreover, the material is deliberate “aged” with irregularities and torn edges. The trapezoid (base) and line (river) look like holes made in a solid canvas.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Dota 2 Emblem

There is nothing fundamentally new about the modern logo that would distinguish it from the first Dota 2 brand name. Only minor details have changed in recent years. There are versions with darker or lighter shades, with a gradient and a blue (almost black) square. But these are not different emblems but equal modifications of the same drawing.

The base of the card is presented in several variants of red – from burgundy to scarlet. In some cases, tone transitions convey the depth of the image and create a 3D effect. The background is visible through the “holes” – usually black or white. The choice of the color scheme depends on the situation, surrounding elements, visual context. The text next to the square is not too bright. Most often, designers prefer beige and gray tones, so the contrast is rather low.

Dota 2 Symbol

There is an inscription “Dota 2” or “Dota 2 Valve” in some logo versions. The developers used a custom font based on a serif. All printable characters except “O” have long serifs. At the letter “A,” the horizontal connecting stroke is sharpened and extends far beyond. However, it is lower than usual. The style is somewhat reminiscent of the Middle Ages, the time of knights and monarchs.