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Watch out, monsters! – warns the Dead by Daylight logo. Who left this terrible mark? A monster chasing the player? Or maybe he did not notice how he turned into something frightening and evil? The emblem represents a clash with inner fears that must be overcome.

Dead by Daylight: Brand Overview

Founded:show June 14, 2016
Founder:Behaviour Interactive
Dead by Daylight is one of the biggest concept breakthroughs in the survival horror genre. This Canadian studio Behavior Interactive project allows gamers to feel like victims or be real maniac-rippers. There are no single-player missions or tutorials—it is assumed that players already know everything from classic horror films. The survivors’ task is to find and launch several generators to open one of the two doors and escape. The chances increase when the thrill is replaced by experience and calculation.

Meaning and History

Dead by Daylight Logo History

The multiplayer horror game was released in 2016 for the Windows platform. Over the next few years, the development studio supplemented and improved the original game. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the logo that appeared at the very beginning and graced the cover of every new version of Dead by Daylight.

It looks stylish and unusual, in contrast to the graphic design of the fictional world’s terrain. Locations are generated randomly but do not shine with visual and architectural variety – the creators of the horror paid more attention to the plot component.

What is Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight is the ultimate survival horror genre that creates an atmosphere of horror. But in it, unlike standard games, gamers can feel themselves not only in the role of a victim. They have the opportunity to try on the mask of a maniac trying to catch all the survivors. This is an ambitious project from the Canadian studio Behavior Interactive.

2016 – 2021

Dead by Daylight Logo 2016-2021

However, as the official “face” of the game, the logo has a special place in this story. The frightening pattern of blood strokes and human skulls creates a horror atmosphere, so gamers know what to expect. This reflects the concept of Dead by Daylight, albeit not entirely complete.

The four vertical stripes with skulls at the top look like suffering human souls. And they are very similar to the weapons of one of the many maniacs. As you know, users in the game can try to play the role of an assassin. The choice is not too wide initially: only three options with different personal skills are available. Among them is The Wraith, who holds a rod as a spine with a skull – the so-called Azarov’s Skull.

According to the plot, Wraith’s name was Philip Ojomo in the past, and the maniac’s dangerous weapon is the bones of his former boss. Remarkably, the emblem’s vertical elements are very similar in shape to Azarov’s Skull, except for the absence of a spine. It is unknown whether this happened by accident or if the designers deliberately made them similar to connect all parts of the horror in one direction visually.

Dead by Daylight Symbol

The game’s full name is written at the bottom of the logo, marked “TM.” The font used is from the Roboto family, invented by typographer Christian Robertson for Google and its Android system. For the phrase “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT,” the designers chose the Roboto Light version—a thin and even outline of sans-serif letters. This very simple lettering balances the visually heavy drawing. Moreover, it can be located below or on the right, depending on the context.

All elements are painted black—even a streak of blood, which can only be recognized by the spray scattered in all directions. However, the logo is white on dark backgrounds, such as game covers. Alternation of colors is allowed if necessary to improve the perception of the inscription and image.

2021 – today

Dead by Daylight Logo 2021-present

The modern version of the logo was released for the fifth anniversary. All the old elements in it remained but were rearranged. In this way, the authors highlighted new priorities. For example, the phrase “Dead by Daylight” is now much larger than the icon. It is written in a different type of bold. Skulls with stripes flowing down, as before, resemble a trail from the claws of a wild beast, but in this case, they are presented in the form of a miniature sign; therefore, they are completely invisible. There is also a transverse line.

Dead by Daylight: Interesting Facts

Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight is a hit multiplayer horror game that has been thrilling players since 2016.

  1. Unique Gameplay: One player is the killer, and four others try to escape, making for intense and unpredictable games.
  2. Horror Crossovers: Players can be characters from famous horror movies and series like “Halloween” and “Stranger Things,” adding a cool twist.
  3. Original Content: In addition to known horror figures, the game features characters with deep backstories, enriching the game world.
  4. Regular Updates: The creators continue to add new content and improvements, keeping the game exciting and engaging for its community.
  5. Cross-Platform Play: It allows players on different devices to play together, helping friends connect and expanding their player base.
  6. Stories Created by Players: Every match is a new story, leading to a community about sharing tales, tips, and art inspired by their games.
  7. Loyal Players: It has a strong global following and active presence on forums, social media, and streaming sites.
  8. Popular Among Streamers: Though not an esport, it’s big on Twitch and YouTube, where streamers help grow their fan base.
  9. Anniversary Celebrations: The game marks its anniversary with special events that offer unique items and challenges, and players are thanked for their support.
  10. Supporting Charities: The team behind the game also gets involved in charity, raising money and awareness for important causes.

Dead by Daylight mixes horror with strategy and social interaction, paying tribute to horror classics while building its world. This and its community-focused approach have made it a favorite in the horror game scene.

Font and Colors

Dead by Daylight Emblem

For the inscription in the updated style, the designers chose a typeface that resembles several fonts: Cocogoose, MADE GoodTime Grotesk, and Gotham Black. Guided by their style, the developers have created an original version that meets modern requirements.

Dead by Daylight Emblem

However, the corporate colors in the modernized version coincide with the previous ones: they are monochrome and combine white and black. The first serves as a background; the second is used for the basic elements.


What do the symbols in Dead By Daylight mean?

In Dead by Daylight, the symbols in the Survivor HUD Icons show the status of each Survivor in the Trial. Here’s what each symbol means:

  1. Health State: Shows if a Survivor is healthy, injured, or dying. A full bar means healthy, a half bar means injured, and an empty bar means dying.
  2. Carried: An icon with chains or being lifted means the Killer carries the Survivor to a hook.
  3. Hooked: A Survivor on a hook means they are hooked. Teammates must rescue them before they progress to the next stage of the sacrifice.
  4. Escaped: An open door icon means the Survivor has escaped the Trial and is safe.
  5. Sacrificed: An icon showing a Survivor being taken by the Entity means they have been sacrificed after being on the hook too long or multiple times.
  6. Killed: A skull or death symbol means the Killer has killed the Survivor through a specific action.
  7. Dead: This icon means the Survivor has died in the Trial, either by sacrifice or being killed by the Killer.

These symbols help players understand their teammates’ status and make decisions about rescuing them or focusing on survival.

What does the Dead by Daylight logo mean?

The logo has many meanings, showing the game’s themes and atmosphere.

The first logo used skulls with black stripes. These skulls symbolized suffering souls, capturing the dark and threatening tone of the game.

The modern logo is simpler, featuring four vertical lines crossed diagonally. These lines look like tally marks used to count numbers. In games, this pattern represents counting the victims of the killer. Each line shows a life lost, emphasizing the constant danger and pursuit in the game.

The logo’s design elements connect deeply to the game’s main themes:

  • Survival: The tally marks show the ongoing threat to survivors being hunted by a killer. Each mark represents a struggle for survival and a reminder of those who didn’t make it.
  • Horror: The simple yet powerful design reflects the psychological horror and tension that define the game. It creates a sense of dread and urgency, which are key to the horror experience.
  • Relentlessness: The repeated tally marks convey the endless cycle of hunting and escaping. They illustrate the ongoing battle between killers and survivors.

The change from skulls to tally marks marks an artistic shift to a more universal and recognizable symbol. This choice makes the logo versatile and impactful, resonating with players and those new to the game.