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Rocket League Logo

Rocket League Logo
Rocket League Logo PNG

Rocket League is a cross-platform video game that first came out in 2015. It is a sequel to the hit 2008 PlayStation 3 game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. It was developed and published by Psyonix.

Meaning and History

Rocket League Logo History
Evolution of the Rocket League Logo

This computer game combines several themes at once – high-speed car racing and sports competitions in football, basketball, or hockey (the latter two have appeared recently). Two teams of eight gamers each compete in it. All have their own “rocket” machines, which need to score goals into the opponent’s goal. In this way, the groups gain points in the time allotted for the match.

The video game consists of multiplayer and single-player modes with online and local gaming. There is also the possibility of online competitions between any cross-platform versions. There are functions for adjusting the basic rules in more recent versions and adding new modes, including hockey and basketball.

The emblem is the same and applies to all types of platforms for personal computers and game consoles. Rocket League is developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, macOS, Nintendo, and Linux. The releases were released gradually for three years in a row – starting in 2015 and ending in 2017. In September 2020, the game appeared in a free-to-play modification.

Moreover, the developers focused on visual elements, which are large in the game. This principle was reflected in the logo as well, because Psyonix paid great attention to graphic symbols, simultaneously using several brand names – for gaming and printing.

2014 – 2015

Rocket League Logo 2014-2015

The original emblem of the cross-platform video game consisted of a complex geometric shape that resembled two rectangles stacked together: a large top and a small bottom. The design had a chrome frame around the entire perimeter. It was wide and voluminous (in 3D). The main space of the icon was colored blue, which served as the background for two basic elements – the icon and the text.

The key image on the logo was, of course, a racing car. It was white, detailed, well-defined, with large wheels. It had a high cockpit and wide front and rear fenders. The car was moving at an increased speed, as evidenced by the only color detail – the headlight or the powerful exhaust from the pipe. In any case, the flash was drawn in the form of a “star” element – with rays diverging in all directions. For more emphasis, they have been outlined with a red edging line.

The text part contained the name of the video game in wide characters. It was originally a stylish sans-serif in the upper register. Due to the configuration of the background design, the letters were slightly uneven in size: they taper from the middle to the edge.

2015 – 2020

Rocket League Logo 2015-2020

She combines graphics and text with an emphasis on identity and difference at the same time. They relate to the logo’s design so that each situation has its version that does not run counter to the main sign. As a result, there are three designs.

The general arrangement is the arrangement of elements: picture on the left, text on the right. The first depicts a racing car with large wheels. It has been worked out in detail, down to the smallest detail, to give the impression that this is a real sports car. Behind her stretches a train of two stripes, which, according to the idea, convey movement, dynamics, drive. There is a ball in front of the car, abstracted from a specific sport – it is smooth, monochromatic, with a glare of light.

The background is a triangular coat of arms to create a strong association with the sports theme because it is included in most teams’ emblems. The top left corner replaces the silvery ball, with a thin white curved line crossing the bottom edge. On the right side of the sign is the name of a computer game, made in large bold letters in a brutal style. In all versions of the emblem, they are black.

2020 – present

Rocket League Logo 2020-present

After Psyonix acquired Epic Games, the logo changed. The transition also influenced this to free-to-play. The modern version of the emblem no longer has the Octane shield. All the focus is on the game’s name, so the redesign resulted in the removal of all graphic elements. The phrase “Rocket League” is left unchanged without the slightest adjustment. It is, as before, executed in capital letters, painted black, composed of large and wide characters.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Rocket League Emblem

The name is written in a geometric chopped typeface that closely resembles Futura ExtraBold. The only replacement is the letter “G.” All other signs are identical. Designer Paul Renner created this font in 1927. The icon’s color palette is quite varied and consists of a blue shield with white elements and a gray ball.

Rocket League Symbol