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The visual sign of the game is large, voluminous, and memorable. The GTA 5 logo points to the huge number of game possibilities on the site, demonstrates the freedom of choice for the player, and promises something special, a highlight that will delight fans of the series.

GTA 5: Brand overview

GTA 5 is the sequel to the iconic media franchise that appeared in 1997. The fifth part of the game was announced in 2011 and two years later became available to Xbox 360 and PS3 owners. A little later, the developers brought the multiplatform action-adventure game to other consoles and Windows devices.

The game is set in Los Santos and is based on the stories of three criminal friends. Gamers will have to complete story missions, commit robberies, and hide from the police to establish a criminal empire. In this continuation of the series, you can switch between the three characters, which were not available before. In addition, British studio Rockstar North has provided special skills for the main characters for the first time.

Meaning and History

GTA 5 Logo History

The video game has a lot of fans, so everyone knows what its logo looks like – white lowercase lettering “grand theft auto” with a green Roman numeral “V.” Considering that publisher Rockstar Games spent a record amount of money on marketing, it couldn’t have been otherwise. To date, GTA 5 can be confidently called the most expensive project in the gaming industry: its budget amounted to more than 250 million dollars. This amount included the development of the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series and the creation of corporate design.

In addition, the multiplatform action-adventure game became one of the best-selling games. In 2020, it surpassed all other video games in popularity, behind only the famous Minecraft and Tetris. Such success is partly due to the fact that GTA 5 did not have to be promoted from scratch: its visual appearance from day one was similar to previous games in the Grand Theft Auto series. This is what unites them on a visual level, as a common concept is important for marketing and its presentation.

What is GTA 5?

GTA 5 is an acronym for Grand Theft Auto V, a game that is part of a massive media franchise. It is the fifteenth in the overall series. This game project is recognized as the most expensive in history and the most popular, as it is second only to Minecraft in terms of sales in 2021.

Attracting the attention of users was helped by successful branding. The logo looked promising, especially for GTA fans, who knew what to expect from the new product and were already familiar with the past parts. The only distinctive element was the number 5, represented by the Roman letter “V” and the English word “five.”

The emblem, which is also a wordmark, reflects the full name of Grand Theft Auto V. All three words are written in lowercase letters and are arranged in a column. There is no interval between the letters: the characters are separated only by thin black lines.

The number 5 in the form of the capital letter “V” indicates the sequential number of the game in the GTA series. It is located in the lower right corner, highlighted in green color with a gradient, and outlined on the outer edge with a black stripe. Around the “V” is wrapped a white ribbon with the decoder inscription “five.”

The logo has two variants: vertical, where all words are arranged in a column, and horizontal – with text in one line. They differ only in the space they occupy.

GTA 5: Interesting Facts

“Grand Theft Auto V” (GTA 5) by Rockstar Games hit the shelves in 2013 and quickly became a favorite among gamers around the globe. It’s known for its vast open world, intriguing plot, and endless activities.

  1. Sales Records: It made a splash by earning $800 million on day one and hit $1 billion in three days, becoming the quickest entertainment product to reach that milestone.
  2. Huge Investment: Rockstar Games spent about $265 million on developing and marketing GTA 5, making it one of the priciest games ever.
  3. Los Santos: The game’s world, inspired by Los Angeles and Southern California, is renowned for its detail. It features realistic weather, a day-night cycle, and its ecosystem.
  4. Three Main Characters: Players can switch between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, each with unique backgrounds and skills, offering diverse perspectives of the game’s story.
  5. Praise and Awards: Critics loved GTA 5 for its mockery of modern culture, storytelling, and open world. It’s won many awards and is often listed among the best video games.
  6. Staying Popular: Even years later, GTA 5 is still popular, thanks in part to updates to GTA Online, allowing for virtual hangouts, races, and team missions.
  7. Cultural Impact: It’s more than a game; it’s influenced by music, TV, and movies. Fans have created mods, videos, and art, showing how much it’s part of pop culture.
  8. Music: The soundtrack is diverse, with everything from rock to hip-hop, plus original scores that change with your actions, adding another layer to the game.
  9. Economic Success: GTA 5 has been a huge financial win for Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive, helped by ongoing updates to GTA Online and releases on newer consoles.
  10. Available Everywhere: First released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it’s since been released on newer consoles and PCs, proving its lasting appeal.

GTA 5’s mix of story, gameplay, and cultural relevance marks it as a standout gaming title, showing video games’ potential as entertainment and art.

Font and Colors

GTA 5 Emblem

At first glance, it seems that the inscription on the logo of GTA 5 has an individual design. Such a font really exists. It is called Pricedown Black and belongs to Ray Larabee. Therefore, the disproportionate shape of the letter “t” and an additional vertical line at the bottom letter “r” – is not a fantasy of the game developers but characteristic features of the original inscription.

GTA 5 Symbol

The color scheme is based on a monochrome combination of black and white. The only bright spot is the green Roman numeral. A shade similar to Sap Green (# 47761E) was used. However, it is not uniform but has a smooth gradient transition.

GTA 5 color codes

Sap GreenHex color:#47761e
RGB:71 118 30
CMYK:40 0 75 54
Pantone:PMS 363 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the GTA 5 logo stand for?

The GTA 5 logo signifies the connection of this game with Grand Theft Auto because it has the same design principles as the main sign of the series. Only the Roman numeral five has been added to it.

What is the GTA V symbol?

The main symbol of GTA V is a green Roman numeral 5 with a gradient, grid pattern, and black and white outline. It is wrapped in a white ribbon with the word “FIVE” written in black capital letters with serifs.

What font is used for the GTA 5 logo?

The font used for the Grand Theft Auto logo is called Pricedown Black. It was designed by Ray Larabee. As for the word “FIVE” on the ribbon, it is in bold serif font.