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Anthem Logo

Anthem Logo
Anthem Logo PNG

The sci-fi game Anthem is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The main characters will have to save humanity from final extinction using exoskeletons that give them superpowers. The author of the idea is Casey Hudson, and specialists from the Canadian studio BioWare were engaged in its implementation and published by the American corporation Electronic Arts.

Meaning and History

Anthem Logo History
Evolution of the Anthem Logo

The developers liked the original idea that they named the project Dylan after the musical “revolutionary” Bob Dylan. In their opinion, the novelty was supposed to make the same revolution, only in the world of computer games. This was expected because Casey Hudson and his team had just finished creating the third part of the acclaimed Mass Effect series.

Anthem is marketed as a third-person shooter, although it has elements from other genres. It goes beyond the usual framework and sometimes looks very contradictory. But that’s not the only thing that sets it apart from other games. The action RPG has a striking and memorable logo that results from a collaboration between Electronic Arts and BioWare.

She was designed by professionals who can turn simple lettering into a piece of art. To do this, they used a complex color transition, clear geometry, and unusual cutouts. They managed to create the right logo for a sci-fi shooter and made the word “ANTHEM” stand out from a thousand others.

The developers did not rely on the symbol. They used only a wordmark, so the inscription indicates the game’s name and conveys the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the universe. The design is very simple: the designers did not add anything superfluous and even removed several important elements. Six letters, four rounded corners, three cutouts, and an unusual gradient are what make Anthem’s logo unique. This minimalism makes it more memorable, like the famous McDonald’s arches.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Anthem Emblem

The creative teams at Electronic Arts and BioWare have taken a standard sans-serif font as their basis. They changed the look of the letters to give them a personal touch. The first thing that catches your eye is the voids in the place of some elements. A is missing half of the left diagonal, H is missing a portion of the horizontal stroke, and E is missing the vertical line’s top. But the human brain fills in the gaps and perceives the word as if everything is fine with it. Psychologists have given this phenomenon a separate term: gestalt. A similar technique is used in the Electronic Arts logo.

To make Anthem’s name legible, the designers increased the space between the letters and evenly spaced. They also rounded off the inner corners of the first, third, fourth, and fifth letters. This small detail emphasized the uniqueness of the lettering.

Anthem Symbol

The color scheme of the logo matches a video game’s palette and contrasts sharply with other post-apocalyptic shooters’ familiar colors. The wordmark reflects the brightness of the adventure universe. The combination of orange, pink, and red hues makes the word stand out. The gradient looks appropriate because Anthem’s world is also quite colorful; also, the Electronic Arts team has connected microsites and trailers using color transitions. And since the logo is only used digitally, the designers didn’t have to adapt it for print.