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Antonov: Brand overview

Antonov, a renowned Ukrainian company specializing in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, pioneered the aviation industry under the leadership of Oleg Antonov.

Founded in 1946 as Antonov Design Bureau, the company carries the legacy of Oleg Antonov, a pioneering engineer and aircraft designer. Over the years, it has evolved into a state-owned enterprise known as Antonov SE, guided by the principles and pioneering spirit of its founder.

A significant event for Antonov was the appearance of the An-2 biplane in 1947. This versatile and reliable airplane attracted the attention of both civil and military users due to its ability to take off and land on short, unprepared runways. The An-2, produced in 18,000 copies, is one of the most mass-produced airplanes in history.

In the 1980s, Antonov revolutionized aviation with the introduction of the AN-124 Ruslan aircraft. This outstanding engineering achievement, one of the largest and heaviest airplanes ever built, has an impressive payload capacity to deliver oversized and heavy cargo anywhere in the world.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptation, Antonov continues to be an industry leader through innovative aircraft development and modernization.

Meaning and History

Antonov Logo History

What is Antonov?

Antonov, formerly known as Antonov Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex (ANTC) and even earlier as Antonov Design Bureau, is a hallmark of Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing and service. Under the leadership of chief designer Oleg Antonov, the company entered the aviation industry, especially in the field of large airplanes and aircraft capable of flying on unprepared runways.

1946 – today

Antonov Logo

The logo of the Ukrainian airline Antonov consists of two components: a stylized signature consisting of the letters “AN” and a word written in the Cyrillic alphabet. The monogram is enclosed in an oval ring located diagonally. The letters “A” and “H” are connected by a common horizontal line, forming two protrusions at the bottom. Next to it is the name of the company, written in bold, sans-serif font. All elements of the emblem are dark blue, as this color symbolizes reliability and safety.

The diagonal arrangement of the oval ring means dynamic movement or progress, which corresponds to the character of the aviation company. The use of dark blue for all elements uniformly enhances the visual impact of the emblem while emphasizing the brand’s focus on reliability and safety. The choice of bold sans-serif font for the company name gives it a modern and clear look, making it easy to recognize and remember.

Antonov color codes

Cosmic Cobalt Hex color: #282a74
RGB: 40 42 116
CMYK: 66 64 0 55
Pantone: PMS 2756 C