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Among the saturated city traffic, scooters and motorcycles of the company scurry around easily and confidently. The Aprilia logo promises safety on the road. The symbols guarantee that any driver can handle vehicles of this brand.

Aprilia: Brand overview

Founder:Alberto Beggio
Noale, Italy

Aprilia is an Italian company that manufactures motorcycles and scooters. It appeared in 1945, right after World War II. It was founded in the city of Noale in the province of Venice. It was there that the industrialist Alberto Beggio opened a bicycle assembly business, which eventually grew into a major motorcycle company. It is currently owned by the Piaggio Corporation, which bought it in 2004 and made it it’s subsidiary.

At first, the plant was engaged in the production of bicycles, then – low-power motorcycles. But twenty-three years later, Ivano Beggio, son of Alberto, reoriented the production strategy and produced a motorcycle with an extensive engine – 50 cubic centimeters. As a result, the company slightly changed its specialization and released several motorcycles with improved characteristics. The first models were called Packi, Daniela, and Colibri. A few years later, the Scarabeo motocross motorcycle was introduced. It was equipped with 50 and 125 cubic centimeters motors. This series lasted until the late 1970s.

But the firm didn’t just make motorcycles – it tested them. So, in 1977, the Italian racer Ivan Alborghetti won the national motocross championship on the Aprilias. In the 1980s, the company expanded its product range by adding several improved series: TL320, ST 125, STX, and ET 50. These are not only racing but also road, road, and lightweight custom enduro.

In 1985, the company began producing engines for the Austrian company Rotax. A year later, she had a compact model AF1 and a large model for large-scale races such as the Dakar Rally. Moreover, the plant had its athlete who finished fifth in the trial championship. It was Philippe Berlatier. Another (Loris Reggiani) won sixth place in the World Road Rally Championship. He raced the Aprilia GP 250. In 1987, the driver won the first World Speed ​​Championship, held as part of the San Marino Grand Prix. Then the athlete competed in Misano on AF1.

The company’s arsenal still has an incredible set of won races on its motorcycles of various modifications. Aprilia has won the Grand Prix 124 times on motorcycles with large capacity engines (125 and 250cc) after a series of brilliant victories in the 1992 World Road and Trawl Championships. She also has 15 high-profile titles in the Road Racing World Championship and 16 in speed rallies in Europe. This is why the Aprilia emblem is well-known all over the world. Moreover, most of the world champions performed on her technique. In the 1990s, scooters were introduced to the brand.

Meaning and History

Aprilia Logo History

In 2004, the company became part of Piaggio & C. SpA, which bought it to create its largest motorcycle group. The new owner immediately changed the company’s management, but the name and logo remained the same because they were recognizable in the world of sports. In 2010, this Italian brand became the most successful motorcycle racing brand.

The Aprilia brand name is simple. Although it lacks an abundance of detail, it grabs attention and is well remembered due to the bright contrast of dazzling white and deep red. Such minimalism makes it friendly and understandable to the majority. All elements of a purely Italian style are concentrated in it – catchy combined with laconicism.

What is Aprilia?

Aprilia is an Italian brand of scooters and motorcycles owned by Piaggio & Co. SpA. It was founded in 1945 but initially specialized only in bicycles. Its first serial mopeds appeared in 1970. Since then, the company has released numerous high-tech two-wheel transportation models, including sports motorcycles that have repeatedly won races.

Aprilia Symbol

The basis of the logo is a rectangle placed horizontally. Inside it is just one word – “Aprilia” in sans serif typeface. The letters are lowercase and look balanced because the designers calibrated them for both height and distance. A narrow space is left between the characters, but they read very well thanks to the color contrast and do not merge. The exception is the two “i” s, which have a lot of free space between the vertical line and the top point. By the way, in both cases, it is replaced by a miniature square. The letters “a” and “p” are rounded.

Aprilia: Interesting Facts

Aprilia, an Italian motorcycle brand, is famous for its high-performance bikes, rooted deeply in racing and innovation.

  1. Founding: In 1945 by Alberto Beggio as a bicycle factory in Noale, Italy, Aprilia shifted to making motorcycles in the late 1960s under Alberto’s son, Ivano Beggio.
  2. First Bike: The first bike, named “Colibrì” or “hummingbird,” came out in 1968, leading to the racing-focused “Scarabeo” motocross bike in 1970.
  3. Racing Success: Aprilia has excelled in motorcycle racing, winning numerous championships in the 125cc and 250cc categories. Famous riders like Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo have raced with Aprilia.
  4. Innovation: Known for innovative designs, the Aprilia RSV Mille stood out in 1998 with its unique engine and dynamic design.
  5. Superbike Achievements: The RSV4, introduced in 2009, won multiple Superbike World Championships, showcasing Aprilia’s high-performance capabilities.
  6. Technology: Aprilia leads in tech with features like ride-by-wire throttles, advanced traction control, and electronic suspensions, enhancing performance and safety.
  7. Joining Piaggio Group: In 2004, Aprilia joined the Piaggio Group, which allowed It to access more resources and expand its lineup and reach.
  8. Wide Range: Aprilia offers various motorcycles, including models like the Tuono and Caponord, from sports to adventure bikes.
  9. MotoGP Comeback: Aprilia returned to MotoGP in 2015, reaffirming its commitment to top-level racing and tech development.
  10. Eco-friendly Efforts: Aprilia is working on reducing its environmental impact, including developing fuel-efficient and possibly electric bikes.

Aprilia combines Italian craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and a rich racing history, making its bikes popular worldwide for their performance and design.

Font and Colors

Aprilia Emblem

For the logo, the developers chose a typeface close to the Swiss font 721 BdOul BT. It’s a simple and sleek grotesque. The corporate palette has never changed and at all times consisted of white (inscription) and scarlet (rectangle).

Aprilia color codes

RedHex color:#fe0000
RGB:254 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 0
Pantone:PMS 1655 C