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The Ariana Afghan Airlines logo symbolizes freedom and connection. It is like a promise that the airline will keep you close to home even when you are far away. It’s not just a company; it’s a lifeline for people who need to travel for various reasons. Even though there are some obstacles along the way, it remains a link between Afghanistan and the rest of the world.

Ariana Afghan Airlines: Brand overview

Ariana Afghan Airlines started in the 1950s when Afghanistan became fully independent. The government, led by Prince Mohammad Daoud, wanted to create a national airline. King Zahir Shah made this official on January 27, 1955, setting up the company with an initial $2 million Afghanis fund.

At first, they did not have their planes. They leased three Douglas DC-3s from a British company to train Afghanistan’s first 12 pilots and crew. On December 18, 1955, the airline scheduled its first flight from Kabul to Kandahar. Flights to other major cities, such as Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat, were soon added. By 1957, it had its first aircraft and began performing its maintenance.

In the 1960s and 70s, the company grew fast. In 1962, it got its first jet plane, the Boeing 727-100s, and started flying internationally to places like India, Pakistan, Iran, and the USSR. Later, it added bigger planes like the Boeing 707 and 747SP, which let it fly long distances to Europe and the Middle East. 1975, a new terminal opened at Kabul International Airport, making it the main base.

The 1980s were good for the airline, with 15 planes flying to over 20 international destinations. But the wars in Afghanistan in the following years hurt them badly. It lost many planes and skilled workers. Despite these tough times, they kept flying. It still operates today from Kabul despite its difficult economic period.

The airline’s leaders, acting President Rahmatullah Agha and Commercial Director Ahsanullah Ahsan, are working hard to keep the company going. They have come a long way from renting several aircraft to becoming famous throughout Eurasia. The story shows the ups and downs of Afghanistan’s history.

Meaning and History

Ariana Afghan Airlines Logo History

What is Ariana Afghan Airlines?

Ariana Afghan Airlines is the flagship carrier and the largest airline in Afghanistan, epitomizing the country’s perseverance and development. Founded in 1955, the company has faced the challenges of a turbulent history but continues to persevere. The organization confronts socio-political changes with flexibility and adaptability and is a symbol of the national spirit. The airline operates domestic flights within Afghanistan and international flights throughout the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and Europe.

1955 – today

Ariana Afghan Airlines Logo

The bird sitting on the right is the signature symbol of the Afghan aviation company, depicted on the Ariana Afghan Airlines logo. The flying figure to the left of the company name is smaller. The bird is made up of three pointed elements. The logo is two-tiered and uses the English and Arabic alphabets. The upper text contains geometric letters with serifs, while the lower text is rounded and smooth. Both lines of text are right-aligned. The emblem is blue, symbolizing elevation, sky, stability, and honesty. Blue stands for trust and reliability, which is very important in the aviation industry and evokes a sense of freedom and limitless possibilities, just like the sky.


Is Ariana Afghan Airlines still flying?

The airline is still operating, though it has faced major challenges due to Afghanistan’s political and military issues. When the Taliban took over Kabul in August 2021, all commercial flights stopped. This affected the company and the entire airline industry in the country and beyond.

In September 2021, domestic flights resumed, and routes within Afghanistan began flying again. This helped reconnect Kabul with major cities, which is important for the economy and for the movement of people around the country. International flights are more complicated. They depend on rules, security issues, and Afghanistan’s status under the new regime. International flights start and stop based on these issues. The company deals with financial problems, limited airport access, and the country’s fragile economy.

Who owns Ariana Afghan Airlines?

The Afghan government owns the airline. It operates within a well-organized management system, which includes various boards such as the Management Board, Supervisory Board, Board of Directors, and Board of Shareholders. This helps the company follow a clear direction and achieve national economic goals.

The main shareholders are important government and financial institutions. These include the Ministry of Finance, which controls financing and financial transactions; the Ministry of Economy, which ensures that the airline’s activities comply with national economic policies; the Afghan National Bank, which provides financial services and stability; and the Pashtany Bank, which helps meet financial needs and daily operations.

What is the airline code for Ariana Afghan?

Airline code: “FG”. This two-letter code helps identify the company in various airline systems, including reservations, scheduling, and ticketing. International aviation groups assign the codes and help these systems simplify the management of flights worldwide.