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The Arizona State Sun Devils logo, shows their drive to win. The Trident is considered one of the devil’s attributes, which links the emblem with the name of sports teams. But because of its golden color and lightning-shaped tips, it is associated with immense energy. It is very similar to the Trident of Poseidon, which is depicted on the flag of Barbados.

Arizona State Sun Devils: Brand overview

Tempe, Arizona, U.S.
The Arizona State Sun Devils is an association of 26 teams affiliated with Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. There are 11 men’s and 15 women’s teams in football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, golf, hockey, athletics, swimming, and other disciplines. The head of the department is Ray Anderson. Athletes are members of the NCAA Division I (FBS) and play in the Pac-12 Conference, Independent, Mountain Pacific Sports Federation.

Meaning and History

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo History

The Arizona State Sun Devils were sometimes called that. Arizona State University, to which they belong, had a predecessor – Tempe Normal School. And its sports teams have been known as the Normals since 1898. Then they were renamed Bulldogs so that the educational institution that turned into Arizona State Teacher’s College corresponded to the level of popular universities of that time. The name associated with the British dog breed has been used for several decades.

After World War II, attendance increased dramatically at the college, so the Chamber of Commerce, a public organization, decided to increase the popularity of sports among students and created the Sun Angel Foundation. And a little later, the fund’s employees suggested naming the Sun Devils sports teams. This option was supported by a majority vote on November 8, 1946. The term “sun devil” is not associated with animals, plants, or mystical characters. This is an atmospheric phenomenon that looks like a small tornado. It occurs when hot and cold air collides at the earth’s surface. Such a whirlwind is also known as a “whirling dervish,” “dancing devil,” or “dust devil.”

But after the renaming, sports teams did not use the logo with the image of a mini-tornado. Instead, they played on their name by presenting it as a funny devil named Sparky. The symbol was later changed to give way to a golden trident.

1980 – 2010

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo 1980-2010

The old emblem of the university sports association depicts the devil in a cartoon style, which was created by Bert Anthony, an artist at Disney. Sparky runs, thrusting a trident forward as if intending to pick up opponents on it. This image was introduced in 1980. All elements of the logo are painted in raspberry-burgundy and have a golden edging. The face and pitchfork of the “mischievous imp” (popularly called) are yellow.

This version lasted until 2011. Then the mascot moved to the category of brand symbols and is now used separately.

2011 – today

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo

The old logo was replaced by another version, on which only the pitchfork remained from the devil. The trident is close-up and is the centerpiece of the emblem. All its ends are pointed, as is the shortened handle. The pitchfork color is golden; the edging line is dark crimson.

Football and Baseball

The university football team spent its first season in 1897. He plays in the South division. Her most successful period was in 1970-1975. The total number of Conference titles won is 17, including Pac-12 titles. The male trainer is Herm Edwards.

ASU is proud of its baseball team as it is considered one of the most successful in the United States. She has won five national championships and boasts her third major World College Series win. She participated in the NCAA tournament forty times.

Font and Colors

Arizona State Sun Devils emblem

The main logo of the Arizona State Sun Devils does not have any inscriptions. But the team has its font of individual design. The designers made the serifs on the letters look like small sharp horns and are associated with the sportsmen’s mascot, the cartoon devil Sparky.

The logo uses the university’s official colors of maroon and gold. This palette was adopted as early as 1898 when the teams became known as the Normals. Selected shades are ASU Gold (#FFC627) and ASU Maroon (#8C1D40).

Arizona State Sun Devils color codes

Golden PoppyHex color:#ffc627
RGB:255 198 39
CMYK:0 22 85 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C
ClaretHex color:#8c1d40
RGB:140 29 64
CMYK:0 79 54 45
Pantone:PMS 7426 C