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The bearded face of a red-black wolf is the mascot of the Arkansas State Red Wolves team, whose logo symbolizes a commitment to its history and reflects the brand’s characteristics. The color and name resonate with the brand’s philosophy, bravery, and fearlessness inherent to the proud Native Americans.

Arkansas State Red Wolves: Brand overview

Jonesboro, Arkansas, U.S.
Arkansas State Red Wolves is the name of 16 teams (7 men’s and nine women’s) that are part of Arkansas State University, founded in 1909. Like the university, the sports department is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and is headed by Terry Mohajir. The division is part of NCAA Division I and is a member of the Sun Belt Conference and Southland Bowling League.

Meaning and History

Arkansas State Red Wolves Logo History

The branding style of ASU’s university teams is relatively young – it appeared in 2008, although the sports association is over a hundred years old. Before this, it featured elements based on the images of Native Americans from the nickname Indians.

But upon closer inspection, the connection to Native Americans has not disappeared – it has simply been updated and acquired a modern interpretation. The red color conveys the color of their skin, while the word “wolves” reflects their brave character and fearless manners.

What is Arkansas State Red Wolves?

Arkansas State Red Wolves is the sports program of Arkansas State University. Its participants compete in NCAA Division I and are part of the Sun Belt Conference (except for women’s bowling). The department is located in Jonesboro and includes 16 student teams.

The current version was introduced on March 13, 2008. Along with this, the crimson face, located on the full face, looks more like a mask than a real wolf’s head. The developers likely wanted to create a connection with the university’s previous branding style. The animal’s ears are alertly raised, the mouth is open, and the white teeth are visible.

Arkansas State Red Wolves Football

Arkansas State Red Wolves emblem

Arkansas State University has sponsored a football team for over 100 years since its inception in 1911. It now boasts six conference championships and one divisional college tournament. As of 2019, it has won three of the last five competitions within the Sun Belt.

Arkansas State Red Wolves Basketball

Arkansas State Red Wolves symbol

The ASU baseball team received an invitation to the National Invitation Tournament in 1987. In 1999, it first participated in the NCAA tournament. Its current coach is Matt Daniel.

Arkansas State Red Wolves: Interesting Facts

The Arkansas State Red Wolves are a sports team from Arkansas State University. They play lots of sports like football, basketball, and soccer.

  1. New Mascot: They used to be called the Indians, but in 2008, they changed to the Red Wolves, a cool animal from Arkansas. This was to make everyone feel welcome.
  2. Many Sports: They’re part of the big leagues in college sports, playing in the Sun Belt Conference. They have teams for many sports, not just the ones most people watch.
  3. Football Stars: The football team is good. They’ve won many championships and played in big games that many people watch.
  4. Track and Field: They’re also amazing at track and field, winning many awards and going to national competitions.
  5. Famous Players: Some of their players have become professionals, like Fred Barnett and Demario Davis, who played in the NFL.
  6. Their Stadium: They play football at Centennial Bank Stadium in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It’s a big place that lots of fans go to watch games.
  7. First Big Win: They won their first big bowl game in 2012 at the Bowl, which was a huge deal.
  8. Smart Athletes: Besides being great at sports, the players are also smart, winning many academic awards.
  9. Women’s Bowling: Their women’s bowling team is one of the best, winning national titles and always being top-ranked.

So, the Arkansas State Red Wolves are not just about sports; they’re also about doing well in school and being a big part of their community.

Font and Colors

Arkansas State Red Wolves color codes

Foreign CrimsonHex color:#cc092f
RGB:204 9 47
CMYK:0 96 77 20
Pantone:PMS 185 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C