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Asana Logo
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Asana is associated with the project management industry. Its flagship product is an app that helps teams achieve their goals and objectives, track their work, and achieve quick results. Since its launch in 2011, it has proven useful to many businesses. First, like a bug tracker, and then as a tool for organizing joint activities. This is how the startup Justin Rosenstein and Dustin Moskovitz became a cult program used by employees of NASA, AT&T, and 75 thousand other diversified companies.

Meaning and History


Logo Asana

The Asana app has evolved thanks to the healthy self-criticism of Rosenstein and Moskovitz. The developers realized that users did not like the boring interface, so they decided to redesign a small redesign to eliminate the dullness. But in the process, difficulties arose: a new style of illustrations, improved typography, and a light color palette had to match the logo. Until 2015, it looked like a simple lowercase letter “a” in blue with three vertically spaced pale green dots.

The company owners did not know what this graphic composition meant: either a list of items or some listing. Therefore, it was not at all difficult to abandon the brand name. In a meeting hosted by Amanda’s chief designer, the team decided to change their perception of the Asana brand, although the result seemed hazy. They began a cautious experiment and could not resist and did a colossal work on the corporate style.

Moving Brands helped identify key landmarks to embody a new philosophy in visual identity. They proposed several variants of the logo, one of which looked like three dots arranged in a triangle. Two more versions contained other elements, but they were not iconic for Asana.

Asana Symbol

It took just over a month to learn all the concepts. Designers watched their development, viewed them in different contexts – and still returned to iconic points. They had to adjust the distance between the circles and polish the word mark, giving the letters the desired shape. A whole system was created in the final stage, including a new color scheme and interface fonts.

The Asana logo has two versions: vertical and horizontal. They differ only in the arrangement of the pink circles that give the brand a personality. These geometric shapes are the evolution of the classic dots that once complimented the letter “a.” But now, they are not lined up but are opposite each other, symbolizing close interaction.

In turn, the triangular shape looks like an upward pointing arrow, a capital “A” and the mathematical sign “therefore.” True, not all representatives of the company liked this emblem. Some thought it looked like the outline of the Predator laser sight from a sci-fi action movie.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Asana Emblem

The typography and color of the logo convey a sense of balance. The font was developed in close collaboration between Moving Brands and Asana’s corporate designers. The improved lettering is the cornerstone of the brand’s modern identity: it consists of proportional circular letters with unusual cuts at the edges.

The palette is very different from what it was before. Until 2015, the program used a blue-green icon, which was boring to many. To become a “multi-colored narwhal,” as designer Micah Daigle put it, she switched to bright pinks and yellows. This color combination was inspired by a concept created during the sketching experiment. The bright gradient symbolizes the flow of energy. It is balanced by the word “asana,” written in dark blue (# 283343) letters.