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Aserca Airlines: Brand overview

Founded in the late 1960s, Aserca Airlines is an established airline based in Maracaibo, Venezuela. It caters to the needs of local and international air passengers with a variety of services, including scheduled domestic flights and occasional charter flights abroad. The airline’s main hub is La Chinita International Airport, located in its hometown of Maracaibo. However, the company also focuses on other Venezuelan cities such as Caracas and Porlamar.

The fleet of aircraft that allows Aserca to carry out its operations efficiently has about ten airplanes, including ATR 42, ATR 72, and Boeing 737 models. These aircraft regularly depart to approximately 15 locations throughout the country, including but not limited to Maracaibo, Caracas, Barcelona, Porlamar, and Valencia.

Aserca Airlines is owned by several Venezuelan investors, with the Zulia state government holding a portion of the shares. In 2018, the airline experienced bad times when it was forced to temporarily suspend its operations due to operational problems. However, after a few months, the airline recovered and resumed flights.

To expand its services, Aserka has entered into codeshare agreements with a number of other airlines. Notable among them are Laser Airlines and Avior Airlines. This airline employs about 500 people and provides a wide range of services, from passenger services to cargo and charter flights.

Although Aserca Airlines continues to concentrate mainly on domestic routes within Venezuela, it has been authorized to operate selected international services, allowing it to gradually expand its operations outside Venezuela.

Meaning and History

Aserca Airlines Logo History


Aserca Airlines Old Logo

1992 – 2018

Aserca Airlines Logo

Both parts of the Aserca Airlines name are written in the same rounded lowercase font. However, the first word is completely red, while in the second word, only the outlines are red, and the letters themselves are white. Because of the extra lines around the edges, the word “airlines” looks larger than “aserca.” Even lower down is the italicized black word “Venezuela.” A gray eagle head is shown on the left side. In the negative space, the head of another, smaller bird can be seen.

The contrast of red and white symbolizes the dynamism of the airline and, at the same time, provides ease of perception. The italicized word “Venezuela” gives the logo a touch of national identity. The eagle’s head symbolizes strength and freedom, characteristics associated with air travel. The smaller bird’s head in negative space gives the logo depth and complexity, reflecting the airline’s attention to detail.