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Thoughts of a cozy home fill the Ashley Furniture HomeStores logo. With the help of the company’s furniture, each client can create the interior of their dreams. The emblem invites you to look into the store and choose the right product.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore: Brand overview

Brandon, Florida, U.S.
Ashley Furniture HomeStores are retail stores that sell Ashley Furniture Industries furniture—operated under license by independent dealers. Franchise owner Ronald Vanek, founder of the furniture industry. In 25 years of existence, more than 1,000 branches have opened in South and North America, Asia, the Middle East, and the CIS. They generate $10 billion in revenue.

Meaning and History

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Logo History

The leader in home furnishings sales began in Alaska’s most populous city, Anchorage, in 1997. The idea to open stores came to Ronald Vanek to expand sales. Americans appreciated the furniture, which led to the rapid growth of the stores. In 4 years (2003-2007), the company tripled the number of outlets from 100 to 300. And over the next 15 years, another 700 locations.

Ashley Homestore doesn’t update its visual sign often. Perhaps it does not risk interfering with the business of 1,000 partners representing the company in different countries, or maybe it’s already in a leadership position, and the visual mark is well-recognized. The logo has been updated once during its existence. Both logo versions are associated with Ashley Furniture Industries, the parent firm.

What is Ashley Furniture HomeStore?

This is a furniture retailer of the American company Ashley Furniture. It is headquartered in Florida. Branches are open in 123 countries. They sell about 30 million pieces of furniture worth $10 billion annually.

1997 – 2016

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Logo 1997

The visual was built around the word Home. The logo is shaped like the silhouette of a house. Since the company sells home furnishings and customers come to furnish the house.

Ashley’s house is a symbol of coziness, of home. It immediately evokes warm associations and disposes of purchases. It reflects the main message of the company – to please customers and make creating a home environment a pleasant task.

The inscriptions were placed on a dark blue background on three “floors” inside the silhouette. On the top in big letters is the word, Ashley, below in thinner and smaller letters is furniture. And on the first floor under the line is the HomeStore inscription written slightly askew with chalk. Such a presentation created an association with a handwritten shopping list at home.

The color white was a symbol of the beginning. It indicated a new proposal from a large and well-known company. The association of novelty was reinforced by the background, which also became lighter towards the lower inscription.

Inside the roof is a large orange corner, repeating the contours of the visor. The same corner is the symbol of the parent company. Its upper placement is associated with the protection and existence under the wing of the main company.

The emblem turned out to be as concise and clear as possible.

2016 – 2022

Ashley HomeStore Logo 2016

By 2016, Ashley had expanded to several continents and opened its first store in Russia. A new, more modern logo suitable for a large firm was needed.

The updated version didn’t lose its connection to the furniture company owner and was done in the same style as her. Ashley Furniture Industries’ orange roof in front of the company name matches the orange silhouette of the house by Ashley Homestore. Then comes the large company name, and underneath in smaller letters, the essence of the offering, HomeStore.

Visually, the logo has stretched out, and the letters are longer. The inscription went beyond the house, just as the company has spread around the world in addition to the U.S.

The schematic image of the house symbolizes home products. With no doors or windows, one continuous line creates an association with protection and a complete kit.

2022 – today

Ashley Logo

Font and Colors

Ashley Emblem

The main colors of the Ashley Homestore logo are dark blue, black, and orange.

  • Dark blue is the color of reliability, tranquility, and great experience.
  • Orange – warmth, homeliness.
  • Black – confidence in the future, a powerful foundation.

Ashley’s main lettering font is FF Scala Pro Bold.

Ashley Symbol

Ashley Furniture HomeStore color codes

Neon TangerineHex color:#f88d2b
RGB:248 141 43
CMYK:0 43 83 3
Pantone:PMS 1495 C
Black PepperHex color:#3d3a35
RGB:61 58 53
CMYK:0 5 13 76
Pantone:PMS Black 7 C