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The Astra Airlines logo is a story about rising and moving forward. The emblem consists of two levels; in the upper part is the word “Astra,” which means “star.”

The “A” in the word “Astra” has a unique design, cut in two by a flowing gray stripe that symbolizes the powerful airflow generated by aircraft during flight. The large blue font of the word “Astra” reflects the endless sky, while the name “Airlines” in gray completes the image.

This design symbolizes the spirit of innovation and modernity, which is the main meaning of the company. The air carrier strives to satisfy the needs of passengers at the highest level, providing them with high-quality services and maximum comfort in flight. The Astra Airlines emblem perfectly reflects the company’s values and creates a bright and memorable visual impression.

Astra Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: July 5, 2008 – 18 November 2019
Founder: Ioannis Zlatanis and Anastasios Zirinis
Thessaloniki, Greece

Meaning and History

Astra Airlines Logo History

Astra Airlinescolor codes

Cool Black Hex color: #012d5c
RGB: 1 45 92
CMYK: 99 51 0 64
Pantone: PMS 648 C
Spanish Gray Hex color: #8d949c
RGB: 141 148 156
CMYK: 10 5 0 39
Pantone: PMS Cool Gray 8 C