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Atlas Copco’s logo is crisp, majestic, and patriotic. It represents the company as a leader in the industry, setting the standard for other participants. The logo demonstrates forward movement, both on land and underwater.

Atlas Copco: Brand overview

Founder:Edvard Fränckel
Nacka, Sweden

Atlas Copco is a Swedish industrial equipment brand founded in Nacka in 1873. Its 66,000 products are sold in 180 countries worldwide and generate a profit of $2.3 billion.

Meaning and History

Atlas Copco Logo History

In its 150 years of existence, the company’s logo has changed only three times. The rare rebrandings represented the brand’s concept in completely different ways. The first identity was closely related to Greek mythology. The second was related to the products produced, and the third was as patriotic as possible and talked about the brand’s achievements. The reason for such different approaches is related to the company’s evolution, progress, changing views in society, and changing leadership at Atlas.

What is Atlas Copco?

A Swedish international conglomerate owned by a group of investors, implementing about 40 brands of construction machinery, mining equipment, and various tools. Approximately 43,000 employees work at enterprises located in 12 countries, including Asia, Europe, and America. The company’s turnover is 15 billion dollars.

1873 – 1917

AB Atlas Logo 1873

The first logo consisted of a black oval with a white border, inside which was placed an image of a winged wheel with a crown, the inscription Atlas, and the year the company was founded.

Originally, the company supplied materials for railways, as evidenced by the winged emblem used by many European railway companies. The symbol originated from the image of a chariot and was associated with Hermes – the messenger of the gods. The mythical messenger moved quickly between worlds and was considered the patron of roads and travelers.

In the emblem, the composition symbolizes progress, development, and moving forward. The equipment produced by the company allowed for penetrating the earth’s depths with minimal effort. A single person could operate the drilling rig. Therefore, business with Atlas was significantly accelerated.

The crown is a symbol of the Swedish monarchy. The enterprise contributes to the development and prosperity of the country. The company was founded under the patronage of the state.

The name Atlas is also borrowed from Greek mythology. It represents Atlas, who held the sky on his shoulders. It indicates the mining direction and industry’s global importance for the Earth’s development and future. The company has a significant impact on the economy and leads its industry.

1917 – 1955

Atlas Diesel Logo 1917

1955 – today

Atlas Copco Logo

In 1955, the company participated in the large-scale construction of a state hydroelectric power station. The firm supplied various pieces of equipment for the project. Therefore, the emblem of that time is filled with patriotic sentiment.

The logo is designed as a flag—two blue stripes on the edges and a white stripe in the middle. The company name is in the center. The symbol looks like a part of the blue fabric of the Swedish flag. However, instead of a yellow stripe, there is a white one. The color scheme symbolizes water and the tunnels for which the company’s equipment was used in construction.

Unlike the first logo, the full name is placed on the flag: Atlas Copco. The Atlas part is associated with gods and symbolizes the control of elements and intervention in the Earth’s interior. The second part, Copco, originates from Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale.

Font and Colors

The primary colors are blue and white, representing the combination of air and water. White symbolizes innovation, inventions, and developments. It also represents a concern for the cleanliness of the environment. The company participates in an environmentally friendly project to generate electricity from natural sources without polluting the planet. One of Atlas’s development directions is to reduce harmful emissions from its production.

Blue is the color of technology, engineering projects, and mathematical calculations. It indicates equipment and tools.

The uppercase font is similar to CaponiDisplay BlackItalic but with a full letter connection. The serifs are reminiscent of the past, conveying the venerable age of the company.

Atlas Copco color codes

Pacific BlueHex color:#0093be
RGB:0 147 190
CMYK:100 23 0 25
Pantone:PMS 639 C