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The AtlasGlobal logo simply hinted at the idea of flying and reaching new heights. It was as if the airline wanted to show that it was striving for new accomplishments, near and far. However, the airline’s history had its ups and downs, which eventually led to its closure.

AtlasGlobal: Brand overview

In 2001, respected entrepreneur Murat Ersoy broke new ground in the history of the Turkish aviation industry. He nurtured a dream to redefine air transportation by meeting the growing needs of today’s discerning passengers. AtlasGlobal (originally Atlasjet) was born, embodying Ersoy’s vision of a luxury airline based on comfort and quality.

Atlasjet started with a modest fleet of two airplanes. As the airline expanded its horizons, Atlasjet grew into a powerful force in the Turkish aviation sector. By 2015, the airline’s fleet had grown to more than 20 aircraft operating domestic and international flights across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. With such a strong network, Atlasjet has become the country’s leading airline.

On March 31, 2015, a momentous event took place that allowed Atlasjet to enter a new era of global prominence by adopting a new style and brand: AtlasGlobal.

However, the highly competitive airline industry has not spared AtlasGlobal from challenges. The airline faced skyrocketing fuel prices, fierce competition in the market, and the unstable economic situation in Turkey.

In February 2020. AtlasGlobal reluctantly announced its inability to continue operations and filed for bankruptcy.

Meaning and History

AtlasGlobal Logo History

What is AtlasGlobal?

Until March 31, 2015, AtlasGlobal was a well-known Turkish airline formerly known as Atlasjet. The airline was based in Istanbul and distributed its operations both domestically and internationally. It operated scheduled and charter flights, mainly from its central hub at Istanbul Airport.

The airline started its journey under the name Atlasjet, carving a niche for itself in the Turkish aviation market. Over time, the airline has become an important player in the region, transporting passengers to numerous domestic and international destinations. Based on its reliable services and wide network, the airline changed its strategy and became AtlasGlobal, symbolizing its global aspirations and expanding reach.

2001 – today

AtlasGlobal Logo

The AtlasGlobal logo stands out with lowercase letters and a unique graphic symbol. The company name is written continuously, with each word highlighted in a distinctive way. The first word is bold; the second word is thin. Thus, each segment is visible and, at the same time, perceived as part of a whole. In front of the text is a circle with a triangle inside. The center is empty and consists of a single broken line, the left end of which crosses the ring, leaving a small open space. The emblem is colored red, signifying high dynamism.

The combination of bold and thin fonts in the name can signify the balance between strength and elegance in the company’s services. An intricate symbol in the form of a circle intersecting with a triangle can symbolize unity and forward movement, reinforcing the idea of high dynamism indicated by the color red. This design choice makes the logo visually appealing and reflective of the company’s values and aspirations.

AtlasGlobal color codes

CarnelianHex color:#b1121a
RGB:177 18 26
CMYK:0 90 85 31
Pantone:PMS 485 C