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The Audible emblem is a fusion of pragmatism, serenity, and radio waves. Its practicality is that it adequately represents the American internet service for listening to audiobooks and podcasts. The sense of tranquility is due to the air of reliability in its operation. And the waves stand for the way audio information is transmitted. Three meanings in one emblem.

Audible: Brand overview

Audible is an American online platform specializing in audiobooks and podcasts. It produces and sells them to users both individually and through shared subscriptions. In addition, customers get access to a carefully selected, customized library. Once a month, visitors use the “credits” they earn to exchange them for the content they want. The service has been in operation since 1995 and is currently owned by Amazon. The company is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.

Meaning and History

Audible Logo History

Initially, the company did not plan to focus only on conversational content but instead focused on releasing portable players with a memory capable of storing up to two hours of audio recordings. These devices were called Audible MobilePlayer and had a storage capacity of about four megabytes. After purchasing the device, the user selected the desired audiobook on the manufacturer’s official website and downloaded it.

Later, the principle of work changed: the focus from the players was transferred to the online platform, which was also called Audible. Today, visitors to the site can download any audio content to their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Naturally, the service needed a themed logo, which became permanent. It evolved from a minimalistic and simple design to a more detailed and complex one.

What is Audible?

Audible is one of the most successful producers and marketers of audio content in the US. Its products are adapted for devices running on the most popular platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Fire OS. There is also a browser version. The web service has existed since 1995. It is currently part of Amazon’s corporate structure as a subsidiary brand. Its headquarters are located in the city of Newark, New Jersey.

1995 – 1998

Audible Logo 1995

The logo is the company name typed in uppercase font. All letters are chiseled and bold. Their main feature is their different heights: the glyphs on the right are higher than on the left, which visually conveys the effect of spatial perspective. The smaller glyphs begin under an arc tapering off at one end. This arc represents the sound wave that initiates the audio service. The emblem is monochromatic, with a free arrangement of symbols, which provides excellent readability of the text despite the difference in the size of the letters.

1998 – 2002

Audible Logo 1998

The Audible logo retained its simplicity but increased its conceptualization. This was evident in the diagram-like shape of the sound wave. Zigzag bursts of sound waves are drawn at the end of a long, straight line. They are concentrated on the right, following the name of the web resource specializing in audiobooks and podcasts. The text part was also modernized: it does not just represent the name of the brand but takes the form of a link to the site. The inscription “” is made in lowercase letters, using a thin font. All letters are vertically elongated, rounded, and close to each other. The dominant colors of the emblem are blue and olive.

2002 – 2010

Audible Logo 2002

The logo of this period is characterized by simplicity. Designers removed all graphic symbols, leaving only a link to the website of the audio service. The font remained the same: high and rounded letters in lowercase. The only change is the color: they are now light green instead of blue. In addition, the symbol of the registered trademark appeared – the capital letter “P” in a circle.

2010 – 2015

Audible Logo 2010

During this period, the emblem became more complex, incorporating several important elements. In addition to the name in the form of a link to the website, the logo contains a stylized book resembling sound waves emanating from the center. The designers drew it in the form of a downward-pointing triangular arrow, resembling an open cover. Inside are three multicolored brackets: the top one (the largest) is yellow, the middle one is red, and the bottom one (the smallest) is dark purple. They both look like they are turning pages and spreading sound. The lettering color is close to olive but a lighter shade. The letters have become bold and short.

2015 – today

Audible Logo

Following Amazon’s acquisition of an American web service specializing in the sale of audiobooks and podcasts, a redesign was carried out, as a result of which the Audible name was incorporated into the logo. Thus, the result is a complex emblem with two-level lettering and two graphic elements. One of them is the famous “smile,” going from “a” to “z,” and the second is an open book with an arrow and three semicircles of different sizes. The individual mark of the audio resource was colored orange by the developers and moved to the end of the text.

The title became black, official, and businesslike. The letters returned to their vertically elongated form; they became tall and bold again. The lower ends of the feet have been slightly trimmed, creating an interesting jagged edge. The second line contains the phrase “an amazon company” typed in lowercase letters. The name of the parent corporation is in bold glyphs, and the rest of the words are in very thin letters.

Font and Colors

Audible Emblem

The text of the Audible logo is typed in several fonts identical to Brutal Type Medium, Sequel Sans Disp Heavy, and Bell Gothic Bold. If there are any changes, they are very minor; for example, in the first case, the letter “e” differs from the original in that its curve is less elongated. In other cases, everything is the same.

Audible Symbol

The color palette of the emblem is not as diverse as the typography. It includes one base color – black. At different times, instead of blue, olive, and light green pastel shades.