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The Aurigny logo is a brief sketch of what the airline represents: a connection between places and people. The airline has been around for a very long time, which shows that it knows a thing or two about transporting people to where they want to go.

Aurigny Air Services: Brand overview

Aurigny Air Services has been a vital bridge connecting Guernsey’s picturesque bailiwick to the world for over five decades. Since its inception in 1968, the airline has grown to become the region’s premier airline, and in 2003, the State of Guernsey took full ownership.

When Sir Derrick Bailey took over the financially struggling Guernsey Airlines in 1967, he was driven by a single goal – to offer Bailiwick reliable, cost-effective air transportation and top-notch customer service.

On the first day of March 1968, Aurigny Air Services was established, taking its name from the charming Norman village of Aurigny, clearly visible from Guernsey. The airline launched several routes – Guernsey to Alderney, Guernsey to Jersey, and Guernsey to Southampton.

By 1977, the airline had expanded to a dozen destinations and became the leading carrier in the Channel Islands.

In the early 1980s, the company was on the verge of financial collapse as its parent company, B&C Group, experienced financial difficulties.

In 2004, Aurigny Air Services first operated an Embraer 195, dubbed F-OICA, on the Guernsey to Manchester route, becoming the first carrier in the world to offer such a service.

In 2014, the airline further improved its customer service by introducing a state-of-the-art e-ticketing system.

Meaning and History

Aurigny Air Services Logo History

What is Aurigny Air Services?

Aurigny Air Services, commonly known as Aurigny, is the flagship airline of the Guernsey bailiwick. Headquartered at Guernsey Airport in the Channel Islands, the airline is wholly owned by the State of Guernsey, which has maintained this status since nationalization in 2003.

Aurigny’s history is closely intertwined with Guernsey’s, as it is the airline responsible for connecting the island with the outside world. Over the years, the airline has served as a vital conduit for the people of Guernsey, providing reliable and frequent flights to a variety of destinations. Since nationalization, the airline has become an integral part of Guernsey’s infrastructure and economy while maintaining its commitment to impeccable customer service.

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2017 – today

Aurigny Air Services Logo

Despite its formal style, the Aurigny Air Services logo gives the impression of a smile. This visual effect is achieved by the curved outline of the letter “g.” The lower curve is curved enough to form a smile. Thus, even with the serious design of the emblem, a feeling of benevolence is created. The emblem consists of three text tiers, in which the word “Aurigny” stands out, written in lowercase bold font. The letters of the top two words (“GUERNSEY’S” and “AIRLINE”) are written in thin capital letters. The bottom part is the largest. All the text is dark blue except for the dot above the letter “i,” which is red. The combination of dark blue color with red tint increases the aesthetic appeal of the emblem. The dark blue color suggests reliability, while the red dot adds energy and urgency.

Aurigny Air Services color codes

Prussian BlueHex color:#163152
RGB:22 49 82
CMYK:73 40 0 66
Pantone:PMS 540 C
Red BrownHex color:#ad1924
RGB:173 25 36
CMYK:0 86 79 32
Pantone:PMS 1795 C