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Australian Air Express: Brand overview

Founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of Qantas, Australian Air Express is a cargo airline based in Australia. It specializes in domestic overnight domestic cargo services, mainly transporting freight and various parcels. The airline was headquartered in Melbourne, with additional bases in major Australian cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

The Australian Air Express fleet consisted of Boeing 727 and Boeing 737 freighters, each specially modified for efficient cargo operations. The airline’s primary mission was the transportation of mail, parcels, and other cargo. One of the airline’s major customers was Australia Post, as well as a number of other significant customers.

At its zenith, Australian Air Express had up to nine freighters carrying over 50,000 tons of cargo per year. The cargo network covered more than 20 destinations across Australia. The airline was a notable employer, with around 500 employees, including pilots, engineers, cargo handlers, and administrative staff.

However, in 2013, after 21 years of operation, Australian Air Express was closed and subsequently fully integrated into Qantas Freight. The move was part of Qantas’ wider restructuring strategy to consolidate cargo operations within its long-haul business.

Meaning and History

Australian Air Express Logo History

1992 – 2013

Australian Air Express Logo

The name Australian Air Express is written in a unique bold font with rectangular serifs. There are no diagonal cuts at the ends of the characters; they are all either vertical or horizontal. The angularity of the glyphs is balanced only by the round dots above both “i’s.” The text is divided into two lines, with a noticeably narrow space between neighboring words. Notably, the word “air” is typed entirely in lowercase letters, unlike “Australian” and “Express,” where the initial letters are capitalized. Next to the text is a stylized airplane with turquoise wings separated by a blue stripe.

The choice of bold font with rectangular serifs creates a sense of stability and reliability, which is often required in air transportation. The use of different spellings of the words “air” and “Australian” as well as “Express” adds to the modern design, potentially making the brand more accessible. The stylized aircraft, especially with the turquoise wings, gives the logo a lively touch, making it stand out and emphasizing the company’s focus on air travel.