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Aviacsa: Brand overview

From 1990 to 2011, Aviacsa, a Mexican airline, operated domestic flights within Mexico and selected international routes. Aviacsa was headquartered in Mexico City, with central hubs at Mexico City and Monterrey airports.

The airline’s fleet consisted of a variety of Boeing aircraft, including 727s, 737s, and 757s, allowing it to operate flights to various destinations in Mexico. Some of the destinations the airline has flown to include Mexico City, Monterrey, Cancun, Villahermosa, and Veracruz.

Aviacsa was originally established as a subsidiary of Aeroexo, a well-known Mexican aerospace company. However, the airline’s operations encountered difficulties due to growing competition from new budget airlines such as Volaris and Interjet in the Mexican aviation market.

After several years of struggling for profitability, Aviacsa finally ceased operations in May 2011. During its heyday in the 2000s, Aviacsa had about 7% of the Mexican airline market, carrying more than 3 million passengers per year.

However, operational problems such as inefficient fleet management, rising costs, and increasing debt led the company to cease operations after 21 years of operation.

Meaning and History

Aviacsa Logo History

1990 – 2011

Aviacsa Logo

The logo of the now-defunct Mexican airline carried the name under which it operated from 1990 to 2011: ‘AVIACSA.’ The dark blue lettering consisted of straight and slanted letters. For example, one side of the letters “A” and “V” was vertically aligned. In contrast, the letter “I” was slanted to the right. The designers kept the same angle of the diagonals in the letters “A” and “V” to give the impression that the word is moving forward.

The choice of dark blue symbolizes reliability and professionalism – qualities that are often valued in the aviation industry. The combination of straight and slanted letters creates a sense of stability and dynamism, conveying the essence of air transportation.