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The Avid logo speaks a universal language understandable to professionals and film enthusiasts. The emblem encodes the process of creating magic on screen. The logo encourages pressing a button and controlling the emergence of a new masterpiece.

Avid: Brand overview

Founded:August 1987
Founder:Bill Warner
Burlington, Massachusetts, United States
Avid is a leading American company in the development of software and hardware for video editing. Its portfolio includes tools such as Media Composer, Pro Tools, Interplay, Pinnacle, and Venue consoles. The Avid logo unites several generations of video processing systems.

Meaning and History

Avid Logo History

A marketing manager at Warner conceived the idea of simplifying film editing. His innovation, introduced in 1988, replaced the majority of technologies used in the film industry by the 1990s. Today, the company owns the best tools for musicians, directors, writers, and bloggers.

Avid logo variations convey the essence of the company’s work. Each logo presents the main idea in its own way, revealing new facets of the technologies offered by the company’s developers. The growth and expansion of the software portfolio are visible in the emblems.

What is Avid?

A major company that creates software and consoles for fast processing of video, sound, and text. Its products have been actively used by enthusiasts and large film studios since 1988.

1987 – 1998

Avid Logo 1987

The first company emblem is a purple triangle with white diagonal slits and the inscription “Avid” in capital letters at the base of the figure. The emblem illustrates the process of moving from a large mass of raw footage to the perfect result through processing and editing.

Avid can be deciphered as a synthesis of the words audio and video or as an abbreviation of the first letters: audio (audio), video (video), installation (editing), and digital (digital). The company’s main invention is NLE (non-linear editing). The first programs allowed copying the contents of a videotape to a computer, where the processing took place.

The diagonal lines represent the film cut into separate fragments, which are then used to create the final result.

The triangular shape of the emblem is a symbol of the “Start” button, which begins the video playback.

1998 – 2009

Avid Logo 1998

Avid acquired Digidesign in 1995, which made a breakthrough in sound recording processing. The company now had tools for working with both video and sound. By 1999, the company introduced the Unity MediaNet network for the collaborative work of all media processing specialists. The expansion of services required a change in visual identity. The new logo is a slightly transparent company name in gray.

The emblem demonstrates the appearance of video from separate fragments and images. The behind-the-scenes process is invisible to the ordinary viewer—the gradual manifestation of the idea, gaining substance, clear outlines, and colors.

Avid’s programs are created for those who work on creating masterpieces, processing shooting “drafts.” That’s why the logo is almost colorless.

2009 – today

Avid Logo

The company’s latest logo is entirely graphic. The symbols accurately convey the direction of the company’s work. They are universal and understandable to people, regardless of gender, race, country, and language. This approach allows Avid to reach a broad audience.

The symbols correspond to playback track control and mean:

  • Moving between files in the list.
  • Pausing, starting.
  • Switching to the next episode.

The shapes convey the idea of non-linear editing – the main direction in Avid’s work. A finished tape is taken, and new material is created from its individual episodes. Editing occurs by moving through the base, following a developed algorithm.

Each symbol in the logo represents a letter of the name. Triangle with its base down – A, base up – V, vertex to the right – D, stick – I. Such encryption is similar to binary code from the world of computer technology. The inscription looks very modern.

Font and Colors

Avid Symbol

Purple shade – the main color in the visual sign. The color embodies dreams, fantasy, and creativity. Working on creating new videos, programs, and films requires a non-trivial approach. Avid provides tools for such work. Choosing a purple hue is a subconscious message that with the developer’s software, dreams can come true.

The font resembles Karibu Condensed Bold Italic but with unique serifs on A, I, and d.

Avid color codes

Rebecca PurpleHex color:#6d298d
RGB:109 41 141
CMYK:23 71 0 45
Pantone:PMS 2593 C