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The Azores Airlines logo is like a quiet promise. It tells us that the airline has undergone changes, learned a lot, and is still here, ready to connect the world to its unique islands. The color and name keep it fresh but also remind us that the airline is more than just flights; it is a piece of home for people far from the Azores.

Azores Airlines: Brand overview

Azores Airlines was established in 1941 at the initiative of the Portuguese government; the “Sociedade Açoreana de Estudos Aéreos” (Society for Aeronautical Research) was created in the Azores. After conducting research flights using military aircraft, the first scheduled air service was opened in the skies between the islands of São Miguel, Terceira, and Santa Maria in 1947, marking the official start of airline operations.

The mid-1980s saw a turning point in European aviation with the deregulation of the industry. Taking advantage of this moment, SATA Internacional expanded beyond the Azores and mainland Portugal. Destinations such as Boston, Toronto, and Oakland appeared on the airline’s route map. Today, the airline has more than 20 destinations around the world.

An important chapter in the airline’s development began in 2015 with a comprehensive rebranding. Under the new name Azores Airlines and with a refreshed corporate identity, the airline introduced a modernized fleet that included fuel-efficient flagships such as the Airbus A320. This strategic move allowed the airline to enter a new era, providing passengers with better and more efficient flights.

Meaning and History

Azores Airlines Logo History

What is Azores Airlines?

Azores Airlines, formerly SATA Internacional, is a Portuguese airline based in Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel in the autonomous Azores archipelago.

Originating as a regional carrier, the airline has gradually grown to offer services beyond the Azores, connecting this beautiful archipelago to various international destinations. Despite the many changes that have taken place throughout the company’s history, one thing has remained constant: its unwavering commitment to providing a high level of service to its passengers. Today, this commitment has become an integral part of the Azores’ identity and a vital link for its inhabitants.

1998 – 2002

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2002 – 2009

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2009 – 2016

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2015 – 2017

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2017 – 2020

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2020 – today

Azores Airlines Logo

The key element of the Azores Airlines logo is a bird, designed in a geometric style. It consists of nine figures: seven triangles, one trapezoid, and one complex pentagon. Together, these figures symbolize the islands of the Azores archipelago, which the airline connects. The bird, named Açor, is conceptually a symbol of the Atlantic sky. It acts as a natural guide, carrying people across countries, thoughts, and dreams, and is always depicted on the tail section of the company’s airplanes. The bird is placed in front of the company name, which is written in two types of fonts – bold and thin.

The combination of bold and thin fonts in the company name conveys the versatility of the airline’s approach to air transportation. The bold font conveys strength and reliability, while the thin font conveys elegance and attention to detail. This typographic choice complements the geometric bird, enriching the logo’s storytelling capabilities.

Azores Airlines color codes

Space CadetHex color:#0d254b
RGB:13 37 75
CMYK:83 51 0 71
Pantone:PMS 655 C