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Azzurra Air: Brand overview

Azzurra Air was an airline based in Italy that operated from 1995 to 2004. The company mainly offered charter and low-cost scheduled flights, mostly in Europe. The birth of Azzurra Air was the result of a joint venture between Air Malta and the Italian company Air International Services.

The airline was headquartered in Milan and used Milan-Malpensa Airport as its main operating base. Azzurra Air selected the Airbus A320 as its aircraft, which was used in a single-class configuration and was intended for flights in the economy segment.

The airline operated flights to such popular vacation destinations in Europe as Greece, Spain, Egypt, Croatia, Turkey, and Tunisia. In the early 2000s, due to increased competition, the airline attempted to switch to a low-cost model of scheduled transportation.

Unfortunately, mounting losses forced Azzurra Air to declare bankruptcy and cease operations in March 2004. At its peak, the airline had a fleet of six Airbus A320 aircraft serving 25 destinations in Europe and North Africa.

However, Azzurra Air’s sustainability was threatened by high operating costs, limited demand, and the presence of competitive budget airlines in the market.

Meaning and History

Azzurra Air Logo History

1995 – 2004

Azzurra Air Logo

In Azzurra Air’s logo, the airline’s name is written in two contrasting fonts: the first word is large and uppercase, while the second word is small and lowercase. This contrast looks attractive, especially if we take into account that all letters in the word “AZZURRA” have double lettering of blue and white stripes. Inside the first letter, “A,” there is a red figure in the form of an arrowhead, formed by triangles stacked together. It is also a stylized airplane, hinting at the brand’s sphere of activity.

The use of contrasting fonts is a way to emphasize the uniqueness and diversity of the brand. The double outline in blue and white is an artistic technique to convey depth and volume. The red arrow-shaped figure symbolizes an airplane and gives the design energy and direction.