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A website and an application under the same name are associated with the communication. Those wishing to make acquaintances will recognize him by the emblem with a smiling heart. The Badoo logo consists not only of a symbol of love but also of the name with rounded letters, and it denotes sweet emotions and pleasant experiences.

Badoo: Brand overview

Founded:November 2006
Founder:Andrey Andreev
London, United Kingdom
Badoo is a British dating site with a social networking feature in 190 countries and is available in 47 languages. It belongs to the most widely used web resource of this kind and exists in the form of a website and applications for Android and iOS. At the same time, the service operates on the freemium principle, when you can use the basic services for free. The service creator is Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev (his real name is Ogandzhanyants). It was launched in 2006. The current location of the headquarters is the Soho area in London (United Kingdom) and Limassol (Cyprus). Additional offices are located in the United States, Malta, and Russia.

Meaning and History

Badoo Logo History

This dating site started working in autumn 2006 in Moscow. During this time, he entered the ranking of the most famous and most popular services for virtual communication. An increased boom is observed in Latin America and Spain, followed by Italy and France in terms of its popularity. And in 2016, the Badoo app was downloaded everywhere, including 21 countries where the download record was recorded.

The start of the project was the development of the Russian programmer-entrepreneur Andrey Andreev. After a two-year rolling of the site, it was financially supported by Finam Capital from Russia to activate the sphere of dating in the country and the world. Now she owns 20% of its shares. The popularity of the web resource came through Facebook – more precisely, through quizzes and social games held there. This service entered the American market in the spring of 2012 after several functional and conceptual adjustments that it was asked to make.

Badoo Symbol

Despite the optional measures introduced, the site got into a loud scandal a few years later (in 2019). It dealt with drugs, harassment, misogyny, and violence. As a result, the resource became the subject of a detailed Forbes investigation but remained at the top of the leading dating sites. He was recognized everywhere by the logo with a specific font – uneven, round, where some letters resembled an inverted monocle.

In the spring of 2017, the company released an updated application and redesigned the emblem, after which it got a heart. It remains well recognizable due to the streamlined edges. It has no sharp corners – even at the bottom, in the narrowest part. At the same time, increased security measures were taken, which was the reason for improving the functionality of the dating site.

The Badoo website uses a friendly logo that does not have any sharp corners to match the original idea. In the first years, it was cheerful. Still, as a result of criticism after entering the American market, designers added seriousness to it, emphasizing it with the same letter size, strict style, and lack of excessive colorfulness.

What is Badoo?

Badoo is a social networking and dating site developed by Russian-born programmer Andrey Andreev (real name Ogandzhanyants). It exists as a website and app for Android and iOS in 47 languages. The brand appeared in 2006 with headquarters in the capital of the United Kingdom – the city of London. It is registered in Cyprus and has offices in Russia, Malta, and the United States.

2006 – 2017

Badoo Logo 2006

In the debut logo, an attempt was made to combine text with graphics so that the sign has an individual style, inspires confidence, and looks good on any media. To do this, the developers used the technique of “jumping” letters, increasing some of them and reducing others. Despite this, all characters are in lower case. The “b” and the penultimate “o” with a dot in the ring look larger than the rest. The smallest ones are “a,” and the one at the end is “o.” Moreover, the signs are multi-colored: blue, blue, green, orange, and red.

2017 – 2019

Badoo Logo 2017

After updating the identity and approving the new slogan, the Badoo logo became modest and minimalist. The name of the dating site is made in unified black characters. All the letters are the same size, and the red dot that made it look like an eye has disappeared from the “o.” The cuts on the legs are even and not rounded. The designers left only an orange heart for the round in front of the text part. It attracts visitors’ views, focusing on the key focus of the resource – on acquaintances for spiritual rapprochement and love. In addition, this is a declaration of the company’s love for its users.

2019 – 2022

Badoo Logo 2019

The current Badoo logo is completely purple – both the name and the heart. The style of the letters has remained the same – streamlined, rounded, without sharp transitions and sharp corners, which subconsciously inspires confidence in the resource. But the designers added a little to the heart: they depicted a wide smile on it, like on a smiley face. It looks like an inverted white arch in the center of the graphic sign. At the same time, the authors removed the corner part (the lower one, where the side lines converge).

2022 – today

Badoo Logo

Without changing the font and symbol of the emblem, only the logo’s colors were changed. Pale pink became the main color in the new company logo.

Font and Colors

Badoo Emblem

The inscription is made with the Circa Bold Font typeface in all Badoo logos – as round, ring-shaped, and smooth as possible. This font first appeared in K-Type and is included in two groups of typographic characters: art deco and display sans.

The color scheme is very diverse and, one might say, goes from extreme to extreme. The fact is that in the early version, it is very bright, and in the later version, it is restrained. Therefore, the main palette includes orange, red, and blue in two shades, green, black, purple, and soft pink. The background is plain white.

Badoo color codes

Cotton CandyHex color:#ffbbd0
RGB:255 187 208
CMYK:0 27 18 0
Pantone:PMS 1767 C