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The logo of Ball State University Cardinals, the sports department of APU, features a cardinal bird as a symbol of the Ball State University sports faculty. Its position and graphic design symbolize fearlessness. The aggressive color palette demonstrates the tactics’ characteristics and the organization’s core philosophy.

Ball State Cardinals: Brand overview

Muncie, Indiana, U.S.
Ball State Cardinals is a sports association belonging to Ball State University, founded in 1918. The branch is located in Muncie, Indiana, and is headed by Beth Goetz. It is part of the Mid-American Conference (West division). It competes in NCAA Division I (FBS). It has 18 men’s and women’s teams in football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, gymnastics, volleyball, and other disciplines.

Meaning and History

Ball State Cardinals Logo History

In the updated logo from the 1990s, the sports faculty’s mascot, Charlie Cardinal, is presented. The symbol of the university is the cardinal bird, positioned in profile. It seems to be flying from top to bottom, fearlessly attacking opponents. Three swift strokes testify to rapid movement.

The emblem was developed based on the nickname given to the university teams in 1927. The majority of students voted for the proposal by Paul Williams, former head of the sports organization. Until then, all faculty representatives were called Hoosieroons.

In 2015, the logo underwent a slight transformation: the three upper strokes were removed, and the bird’s head was enlarged. The rest of the details remained unchanged – the color palette consisted of white, red, and black.

What is Ball State Cardinals?

Ball State Cardinals comprises 18 men’s and women’s teams formed from students of Ball State University. The sports faculty is located in Muncie, Indiana, and competes in NCAA Division I as part of the Mid-American Conference. Initially, the team was called Hoosieroons, and the current name was adopted in 1927.

1990 – 2014

Ball State Cardinals Logo 1990-2014

2015 – today

Ball State Cardinals Logo 2015-Present

Ball State Cardinals Football

Ball State Cardinals emblem

The football team plays in the first division, “Football Bowl Subdivision,” and the Mid-American Conference. Its home arena is Scheumann Stadium. The debut season dates back to 1924. The team’s coach is Mike Neu.

Ball State Cardinals Basketball

Ball State Cardinals symbol

The university’s men’s team opened its first basketball season in 1920. Now, it competes in the Mid-American Conference and uses Worthen Arena for home games. In 2000, becoming part of NCAA Division I, it participated in the men’s basketball tournament. The women’s team won the MAC tournament in 2009.

Font and Colors

Ball State Cardinals color codes

Crimson GloryHex color:#ba0c2f
RGB:186 12 47
CMYK:0 94 75 27
Pantone:PMS 199 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C