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Bangkok Airways: Brand overview

The regional airline was founded in 1968 as Sahakol Air. This charter service was committed to personalized travel experiences, providing tailored air taxi services to high-end clients.

Throughout the 1980s, Sahakol Air grew by acquiring a fleet of Cessna aircraft, which enabled regular charter flights to popular tourist destinations in Thailand. This expansion led to a significant change in 1989 when Sahakol Air was rebranded as Bangkok Airways.

The company expanded rapidly in the 1990s, introducing jet aircraft, including the Boeing 717 and Airbus A320, and expanding its routes in Thailand and abroad. In addition, several private airports were built, and Samui Airport became a famous destination.

The year 2004 was pivotal as the airline introduced business-class services and went public on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. This helped secure funding for continued growth.

The 2010s posed challenges, yet under the leadership of President Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, the company thrived. They introduced new aircraft, such as the ATR 72-600, and launched routes to the Maldives. In 2018, it celebrated its 50th anniversary, marking a half-century of service.

The airline is a prominent aviation brand in Asia, headquartered in Bangkok’s Chatuchak area. It boasts a substantial network and a fleet of over 40 aircraft, continuing its tradition of offering unique travel experiences.

Meaning and History

Bangkok Airways Logo History

What is Bangkok Airways?

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited is a well-known regional airline based in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 1968, the airline originally operated as Sahakol Air, providing contract air cab services to various organizations such as the Overseas International Construction Company (OICC), the United States Operating Mission (USOM), and several oil and natural resource exploration organizations in the Gulf of Thailand. The carrier operated scheduled flights to destinations in Thailand, Cambodia Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Laos, Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam. The transformation of Sahakol Air into the modern Bangkok Airways signifies a shift from a specialized service provider to an integrated airline serving a broader market.

1968 – today

Bangkok Airways Logo

The main symbol of Bangkok Airways represents three curved lines: red, blue, and gold. Two of these colors are borrowed from Thailand’s flag. The shape of the emblem is reminiscent of the country’s unique architecture, which is characterized by domes with pointed tops. The graphic symbol resembles a stylized feather or flame. The airline’s name is written in blue letters on the right side and is divided into two levels. The font has a unique design with smooth curves, sharp serifs, and jagged edges.

The choice of the colors of the Thai flag speaks to a strong sense of national identity. The unique design of the font, with its distinctive features, speaks to the airline’s commitment to providing a unique experience for its passengers. Stylized elements like a feather or flame symbolize freedom and dynamism, echoing the airline’s corporate identity.


Is Bangkok Airways the same as Bangkok Airlines?

Bangkok Airways is a reputable Thailand airline known for its regular flights and excellent service. It owns and operates several private airports, including Samui Airport.

Bangkok Airlines is a reservation agency, not an airline. Understanding the difference between the two is important for clients. If you need to book flights or handle official airline business, you should contact Bangkok Airways directly through their official channels. Bangkok Airlines acts as a ticket broker, offering flights on various airlines.

What is the slogan of Bangkok Airways?

The airline’s slogan is “Asia’s Boutique Airline.” This slogan has been used since 2004 when it celebrated its 36th anniversary. The company emphasizes personalized service and meticulous attention to detail.

What is the acronym for Bangkok Airways?

The airline is known by the acronym “PG,” which comes from the IATA designation. IATA assigns each company a unique two-letter code for ticketing and flight scheduling. “PG” is used for international and domestic flight bookings and aviation databases. It also has an ICAO code, “BKP,” a three-letter code used worldwide in air traffic control and airline operations. Its full legal name is Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited, based in the Asia-Pacific region.

Is Bangkok Airways Thai Airways?

These are two different airlines based in Thailand. Bangkok Airways is a regional airline primarily operating short flights within Thailand and nearby countries. The focus is connecting small towns and popular tourist destinations in the region. Thai Airways, the national airline of Thailand, has wider global route coverage. It connects Thailand to many destinations worldwide and serves long-haul flights, playing a key role in international travel to and from the country. Both companies are important to Thailand’s aviation sector, although they have different roles and serve different types of routes.