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The Barney logo is a delightful representation of the brand’s commitment to fostering imagination, fun, and learning among young children.

The logo primarily features the name “Barney” in bold, rounded letters, typically rendered in a bright, inviting shade. The playful font and color choice are designed to appeal to young children, aligning with the franchise’s main audience. The friendly and accessible typography reflects the character’s own playful and loving personality.

Often, the logo includes an illustration or representation of Barney himself – the jolly, purple Tyrannosaurus Rex. This iconic character, with his broad, warm smile and inviting friendly eyes, reinforces the brand’s message of fun, friendly learning, and imagination.

In some versions, a subtext like “And Friends” may be present to highlight the sense of community and friendship that’s central to the Barney franchise’s messaging.

The Barney emblem encapsulates the brand’s core values of joy, friendship, and education through imaginative play. It is instantly recognizable to its audience, reflecting the joyful and friendly spirit of Barney, the dinosaur who springs to life through a child’s imagination.

Barney: Brand overview

Founder:Sheryl Leach, Kathy Parker, Dennis DeShazer
Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Barney is a cheerful dinosaur character and musical show that aired in America from 1992 to 2010. The revival of the program is announced for 2023. The main character is a plush toy that comes to life and educates children through songs and dances. The content is designed for children up to 5 years old.

Meaning and History

Barney Logo History

The animated toy has evolved into a whole franchise. Barney has been featured in videotapes and has launched a children’s TV show and a full-length film. A separate character logo has been created for each event. However, the common basis for most of the emblems was the first handwritten inscription conceived by the creators of the series. The beginning and the end of the inscription have a multidirectional slope, which evokes a sense of harmony and coziness that arises next to the soft plush hero. This approach was maintained in every rebranding, emphasizing the dinosaur’s individuality.

What is Barney?

Sheryl Leach’s franchise is about a toy dinosaur. A friend to small children, Barney teaches toddlers in an easy, playful, and musical way. For a long time, the character was voiced by Bob West. David Joyner performed in the hero’s costume. The show was broadcasted on the PBS channel and was intended for children aged 2-5.

1988 – 1991

Barney Logo 1988

The Barney & the Backyard Gang video series marked the beginning of the character’s story. It ran from 1988 to 1991 in the form of separate episodes, each with its own title. The character’s logo is verbal and fully reflects the characteristics of the dinosaur.

  1. The letters of the inscription seem to be made of soft plush with protruding fluff. The structure is reminiscent of the fabric from which the toy is sewn.
  2. The purple color indicates the coloring of the revived cartoon hero.
  3. The logo received the name of the main character, which Sheryl Leach invented while entertaining her own son.

The tilt of the letters in different directions echoes the idea of swaying, movements, and songs in time with the music.

1991 – today

Barney Logo 1991

1991 marked a turning point in the history of the singing hero. Having rented a video about Barney’s adventures, the head of public television saw the potential of the topic and suggested that the franchise creator show the dinosaur show on television.

The draft version of the logo is in a dark color and completely repeats the first one in terms of letter shape and font. However, the symbols are bolder as the audience coverage increases. Glyphs have lost their roughness to look clear on the screen.

The emblem is periodically used for different products of the franchise.

1992 – 2003

Barney Logo 1992

The popularity of the character led to the launch of the full-fledged long-term TV show Barney & Friends. A more childlike logo was developed for the singing dinosaur. Voluminous clear yellow letters conveyed the idea of a revived toy that walks and sings. The shade reflected the mood of clips with games and laughter. The color also embodied the lightness of the content, learning in play.

1996 – today

Barney Logo

The franchise of the beloved hero has changed owners. Lyons Group merged with Lyrick Company to form Lyrick Studios. The change led to the filming of a large movie about all the adventures of the dinosaur: Barney’s Great Adventure. The hero’s logo also changed.

The new emblem consists of two intersecting ovals with the character’s name. The raspberry and green figures tell about Barney’s color palette. The purple-raspberry color is the main one in the character’s color scheme. The dinosaur has a green oval spot on its belly. The use of an oval shape reflects a special, friendly children’s community filled with love, adventures, and music. The shape also points to an egg – around which the story revolves in the film adaptation.

Font and Colors

Purple, green, and white are the primary shades. Barney’s art director Jamie Ruth Conner selected them due to their popularity at the time of the character’s appearance.

  • Purple – the color of self-awareness, soul, and emotions. In early childhood, children learn to identify themselves, forming a perception of the world. Information is encrypted in the mind at an emotional level. Hence, the shade perfectly reflects the peculiarities of a child’s psyche.
  • Green – the color of youth, growth, and development.
  • White – novelty. Each episode contains an important bright message that should stick in the minds of children. Each episode means new adventures and discoveries.

The font of the inscription is unique and hand-drawn to convey the individuality of the dinosaur.

Barney color codes

Medium Sea GreenHex color:#17af65
RGB:23 175 101
CMYK:87 0 42 31
Pantone:PMS 3405 C
Red VioletHex color:#c60a8d
RGB:198 10 141
CMYK:0 95 29 22
Pantone:PMS Rhodamine Red C