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The brand’s feature is a red chair surrounded by stars. The explanation for this is quite prosaic: the web service is related to sports. But not directly, but indirectly, since it is an entertainment channel with sports betting and predictions, so the Barstool Sports logo is exactly that.

Barstool Sports: Brand overview

Founder:David Portnoy
New York City, U.S.
One of the entertainment sites recognized by the male half of America today is Barstool Sports, founded in 2003 by David Portnoy. It started as a printed information resource that grew into a powerful information and entertainment interactive platform. Today, the site offers only original content from the field of gambling, sports forecasts, betting news, information from various strands of modern pop culture, a wide variety of entertainment, including the attractive Barstool Smokeshows for men.

Meaning and History

Barstool Sports Symbol

Barstool Sports, since its inception, has managed to go rather quickly from a print publication that was distributed to gambling enthusiasts in offices and residential addresses in the Central Boston area to a powerful interactive resource. Taking a big leap forward in its development in just four years, Barstool Sports took its business online, immediately gaining popularity on a national level and not just with a male audience. Live videos, podcasts, and blogs featuring top youth celebrities, humor, and the ease of presenting information have multiplied the reach of the target audience.

Today, everyone knows the core team of news anchors, entertainment programs, including the most popular El Pres, Big Cat, KFC, KMarko, PFTCommenter. An army of bloggers is doing their part in raising the popularity of the media resource. Unique and original content presented 24 hours a day throughout the week, from Pardon My Take and KFC Radio hits to the daily Rundown video, have made the resource consistently sought after by many Americans.

Given the company’s short history, it can’t “boast” of an abundance of changes to its logo. Today, the essence of Barstool Sports is symbolized by the object whose name the company carries – the bar stool. And this is not done in vain. Exactly bars are among the most frequented by Americans, where they kill their free time, share news and gossip, socialize, and, of course, watch their favorite sports games and championships. Bar stool is also a widespread subject of the interior of bookmaker’s offices, where sports betting, betting, and payouts of winnings are made. Therefore, its use in the brand sign is not only certain courage but also the embodiment of the spirit and meaning of a media resource, which presents itself as a variant of a land bar and the same bookmaker’s office, but in an interactive version. At the same time, this approach demonstrates the attitude to the presentation of information, where there is always humor and lively communication, and there are no restrictions.

The image of the circle demonstrates the company’s desire for constant development because the circle is a symbol of dynamism, movement, and absolute content. The stars themselves are not just a tribute to the original design. This indicates that the company is always surrounded by stars – famous media personalities, sports stars, culture, advertising, art, politics. And it has to do not only with the information presented to the users but also the direct involvement of many of them in Barstool Sports, forming the attractiveness and originality of all content.

Barstool Sports: Interesting Facts

Barstool Sports started in 2003 as a small print publication in Boston and has grown into a big digital media company focusing on sports and pop culture.

  1. Starting Point: It began as a print publication in Boston, offering gambling ads and fantasy sports tips. It quickly became popular for its unique and funny perspective on sports and lifestyle.
  2. Going Digital: Barstool moved to a digital format to reach a bigger audience. This change let it grow fast, adding podcasts, videos, and social media.
  3. Bold and Unfiltered: Known for its straightforward coverage, Barstool has a loyal fan base called “Stoolies.” However, its approach has also led to criticism for being offensive to some.
  4. Popular Podcasts: It runs many sports, culture, and lifestyle podcasts. Famous ones include “Pardon My Take” and “The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co.”
  5. Growth through Investment: In 2016, The Chernin Group bought a big part of Barstool, helping it grow. In 2020, Penn National Gaming invested in Barstool, valuing it at about $450 million.
  6. Supporting Small Businesses: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Barstool set up a fund to help small businesses. The fund raised millions and supported many businesses across the US.
  7. Sports Betting App: Partnering with Penn National Gaming, Barstool launched a sports betting app. It stands out with unique content and special promotions.
  8. Merchandise: Barstool sells a wide range of products, like clothes and accessories, featuring popular slogans and logos from its content.
  9. Sports Sponsorships: It has gotten involved in sports by sponsoring college football games and NASCAR teams.
  10. Diverse Content: Barstool now covers sports and lifestyle, entertainment, and financial advice, drawing in a broader audience while keeping its core fans.

Barstool Sports has successfully moved from a local paper to a major digital media player by staying adaptable and connecting strongly with its audience despite facing controversy.

Font and Colors

Barstool Sports Emblem

Clear in detail, the stool symbol in a modern version is made in bright red. On the surrounding background of the other elements in the black fill, it stands out sharply, immediately drawing the eye directly to this central sign of the entire composition of the logo. The chair is framed by a circle made of a set of identical black stars spaced equally apart. To not load the emblem and make readable each of the elements of the emblem text information – the name of the company, moved to the right of the sign, with strict adherence to the upper and lower limits of the image. The letters of the text retain style consistency. They are made in black and the stars, which indicates the unity and commonality of goals and objectives of both the company and its guests, participants, each member of its team.

Barstool Sports color codes

CardinalHex color:#c52131
RGB:197 33 49
CMYK:0 83 75 23
Pantone:PMS 1788 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C