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It is important for a serious media holding to show itself as a reliable and trustworthy organization. Therefore, the Bauer Media Group logo is made in the appropriate style. Strict geometry, clear lines, and balanced colors characterize the emblems.

Bauer Media Group: Brand overview

Founder:Yvonne Bauer
Hamburg, Germany
Bauer Media Group is a multidisciplinary organization serving over 200 million people. It is engaged in publishing, audio content, online comparison sites, infotainment TV and radio channels, and small and medium business support. It is a multimedia conglomerate operating all over the world: it is represented in 17 countries. Its founder is Johann Bauer. The time of appearance is 1875. The headquarters is located in Hamburg (Germany).

Meaning and History

Bauer Media Group Symbol

Initially, it was a family business dealing with the production of printed materials. It was a small printing house with a small number of orders for a long time. The brand gained wide popularity much later when it began its global expansion. So, in 1981, he came to the USA, where he established Woman’s World magazine publication. Under his leadership, 13 magazines for different age groups were published in the United States. He also owns 16 thematic sites and five specialized publications in the American media space.

In 1987, the Bauer Media Group marked its presence in the UK by offering the Bella magazine to the public. Now she is in the top 3 of the largest English publishers. Gradually, the conglomerate expanded in this country, including Emap Radio and Emap Consumer Media in 2008. Each new acquisition completely passed under the corporate logo, grouped by direction.

What is Bauer Media Group?

Bauer Media Group is a diversified company that specializes in publishing, broadcasting, television, analytical comparison, and small and medium business management support. It was founded by Johann Bauer in 1875 and is now active in 17 countries. Its head office is located in Hamburg (Germany).

Currently, the German brand Bauer is widely known: it is known in 17 countries. It has 11 thousand employees, which departments are classified: as marketing, distribution, postal, printing, television, radio broadcasting, and others. The international company owns 50 stations, 400 digital products, and 600 magazines. And their number is constantly growing, receiving the same blue and white markings. The trademark logo is minimalistic, so it is clear at first sight: a single space under one name, uniting several directions.

The visual identity of the Bauer Media Group includes both graphics and text. They are combined into a common design that accurately represents the multimedia conglomerate. The first thing that catches your eye is a strict square of deep blue, close to a cobalt hue. It occupies the main area of ​​the emblem and serves as a background for the first word of the company’s name – “Bauer.” The inscription is in large bold type. All letters in it are capital and painted white.

At the top right is a white triangle standing on a point. The right side of the geometric figure is separated from the edge of the square by a wide blue stripe. The same line is available at the top. Below is a residual fragment of the name – “Media Group.” It is typed in thin black characters, the distance between which is greater than in the first word.

Font and Colors

Bauer Media Group Emblem

For its logo, Bauer Media Group chose two types of typefaces. The inscription in the square is made in a font identical to Limerick Serial Xbold, created by the graphic studio SoftMaker. This bold grotesque with a harmonious combination of angles and smooth curves. The text below uses a different style – a thin and elegant Limerick Serial Regular typeface from the same developer.

The corporate palette consists of two colors: cobalt (a dark shade of blue) and white (neutral background). In combination, they create a unique atmosphere of calm and confidence. There is also black in the logo: it is the bottom line of the name of the German media company.

Bauer Media Group color codes

Resolution BlueHex color:#002887
RGB:0 40 135
CMYK:100 70 0 47
Pantone:PMS 2746 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C