BBC defends its new logo

BBC Logo

How to resist a huge army of haters if you decide to create a new image for a well-known brand, but the public did not appreciate it, the well-known BBC company knows or has almost already found the answer.

Yes, visual creativity could not be ignored by those who did not look towards the broadcasting news organization.

The rebranding is so logically inexplicable that the resonance in social networks is still heard; critics cannot explain why the allegedly huge money was spent on updating the logo, which looks the same as the old one.

BBC New Logo

Taking a closer look at the company and getting acquainted with its activities, it becomes clear that only by pronouncing the three letters “BBC,” listeners and viewers understand that this news concerns us, exactly at this moment in time. Events are presented honestly, objectively, without unnecessary information tinsel. The company has long been assigned the title of reliable news mouthpiece, given to its multimillion-dollar audience.

Perhaps that is why the organizers of the rebranding considered it important not to change traditions, follow the path of conservatism, and “preserve” their unshakable values ​​in the same colors and shapes.

BBC Emblem

The BBC logo, made thanks to the author’s developed font, was stigmatized by the public, a company spokesman said. The speaker emphasized that they made more of their own “gray blocks” and font. In response, indignant haters began to provoke: do we pay taxes for this logo? They also offered to make a better option for a chocolate bar, but someone did not believe in the integrity of the news about the rebranding and called it a failed joke.

BBC Old and New Logo (history)

What conclusions can the company draw after such a violent reaction from the target audience? Firstly, if you preserve your visual image, borrow certain properties of the previous logo, and do not copy and have minimal graphic elements. Secondly, it would seem that the already inconspicuous old logo is still engraved in the memory of connoisseurs of fresh news. In any case, the brand is loved and appreciated all over the world. But now, there is less confidence in them because gray blocks with white letters have become the reason for creating memes about the bad design of the largest broadcasting corporation.