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The Belmont University Athletic Association chose a bear as its symbol, placing the muzzle of a formidable animal in the emblem of the Belmont Bruins. The emblem indicates affiliation with the organization and symbolizes readiness to defend and fight for victory.

Belmont Bruins: Brand overview

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
The Belmont Bruins is a university association consisting of 17 intercollegiate teams (8 men’s and nine women’s) in various sports. Among them are basketball, baseball, soccer, and others. The division belongs to Belmont University and appeared immediately after its opening in 1890. It is located in Nashville, Tennessee. The faculty is part of NCAA Division I and belongs to the Ohio Valley Conference. The sports division is headed by Scott Corley.

Meaning and History

Belmont Bruins Logo History

Since 1981, the team’s emblem of this university has featured a formidable bear with an open mouth. The bear peers between the words “Belmont” and “Bruins” as if emerging from a den, which makes the inscriptions on one side have an arch-like shape. The animal’s image is contoured and outlined with a thin blue line. The phrase, on the other hand, is clear, wide, and striking red.

The current version of the logo was adopted in 2003 and features an aggressive bear growling and scaring opponents. The blue lines are thickened and form not only the outlines of the animal but also shadows. Under the bear’s head is the word “Belmont.” It’s written in uppercase font and complemented with serifs. Below is the second part of the name – a miniature inscription “Bruins.” The colors of the emblem are the same – red and blue.

What is Belmont Bruins?

Belmont Bruins is a sports division from Nashville, Tennessee, belonging to the local Belmont University. It includes 17 student teams participating in NCAA Division I and part of the Missouri Valley Conference. The organization received its current name in 1995; before that time, it was known as the Rebels.

1981 – 2002

Belmont Bruins Logo 1981-2002

2003 – today

Belmont Bruins Logo 2003-Present

Belmont Bruins Basketball

Belmont Bruins emblem

The men’s and women’s basketball teams of Belmont University are known for their fierce competition with representatives of another Nashville university – Lipscomb University. The university team hosts home competitions at the Curb Event Center, located on campus.

Belmont Bruins Baseball

Belmont Bruins symbol

Although the university’s baseball team is not among the leading American representatives of this sport, it confidently demonstrates excellent results. Its home stadium is ES Rose Park.

Belmont Bruins: Interesting Facts

The Belmont Bruins are a sports team from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. They’re good at basketball and do well in other sports, too.

  1. Big League Move: In the late 1990s, Belmont joined the big leagues of college sports by moving up to NCAA Division I. This was a big step showing they wanted to compete at the top.
  2. Basketball Stars: Belmont’s men’s basketball team is awesome. They win many games and have attended the big NCAA tournament since the early 2000s. People all over the country have started to notice them.
  3. Music and Sports: Belmont has a cool music vibe in Nashville, the heart of music land. Even its sports events have music, with students performing during breaks.
  4. Home Court: The Bruins play basketball at the Curb Event Center, a modern venue hosting concerts and big events. This shows how much Belmont loves music.
  5. Women’s Basketball: Belmont’s basketball team is also good. They’ve made it to the big NCAA tournament several times, helping to bring more attention to women’s sports at Belmont.
  6. New Conference: In 2021, Belmont decided to move to the Missouri Valley Conference starting in the 2022-2023 school year. This shows they’re doing well and want to play against even tougher teams.
  7. Soccer Too: Not just basketball, but Belmont’s soccer teams are getting noticed, too. The men’s team made it to their first NCAA tournament, showing Belmont is good at more than just basketball.
  8. Helping Out: Belmont athletes help in Nashville by working on different projects. This shows they care about more than just sports.
  9. Smart Athletes: Belmont’s students who play sports also do well in school. The university is proud of how it balances sports and studying.
  10. Fun Traditions: Belmont has some fun traditions that make it unique. One of the biggest is the Battle of the Boulevard, a big rivalry game with Lipscomb University that excites everyone.

Belmont Bruins are not just about winning games; they also care about music, doing well in school, and helping out in their community.

Font and Colors

Belmont Bruins color codes

Philippine RedHex color:#c8102e
RGB:200 16 46
CMYK:0 92 77 22
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Dark SapphireHex color:#00205b
RGB:0 32 91
CMYK:100 65 0 64
Pantone:PMS 2758 C