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Bentley Falcons Logo

Bentley Falcons Logo
Bentley Falcons Logo PNG

Bentley Falcons is a sports department that is part of the private university of Bentley University, which was formed in 1917. The head of the association, which includes 21 teams, is Bob DeFelice. Location โ€“ Waltham City, Massachusetts. The department is a member of the NCAA Division II and participates in the Northeast-10 Conference and Atlantic Hockey conferences.

Meaning and History

Bentley Falcons Logo History
Evolution of the Bentley Falcons Logo

Since 1988, the letter โ€œBโ€ has become the central element of the university sports emblem. In the first version, a falcon is placed on its background โ€“ a symbol of the Waltham teams. A powerful bird is depicted flying upward with lightning in its clawed legs. The diagonal trajectory of movement indicates the desire to take off to overcome a great height. โ€œBโ€ is circled by an open loop, emphasizing the streamlining of semi ovals. The middle part closes and extends beyond the front legs, forming a small protruding element.

In 2013, the sports department revised the logo, giving the leading role to a capital letter. In the current version, it is on the shield, vertically divided into two equal parts. The right one is black with a dark gray edging; the left one is blue with a white stroke. The color palette โ€œBโ€ is monochrome. The upper and lower elements of the letter are elongated.

1988 – 2012

Bentley Falcons Logo 1988-2012

2013 – present

Bentley Falcons Logo 2013-Present

Bentley Falcons Football

Bentley Falcons emblem

A soccer team competes in the NCAA Division II. He spends his home games at the local stadium at Bentley University. Trains athletes Bill Kavanaugh.

Bentley Falcons Basketball

Bentley Falcons symbol

The most successful year for the college menโ€™s basketball team was the 2008th. Then representatives of the Bentley Falcons set a record for one of the longest-running series of victories in the regular games of Division II. The female squad brilliantly completed the 2013 season and won with a record score of 35-0 in the second division of the National Championship NCAA.