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Beta Technologies: Brand overview

Beta Technologies was founded in 2017 by Kyle Clark in Burlington, Vermont. Kyle, an engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for aviation and sustainability, aimed to lead in the emerging field of electric aviation. The company focused on developing electric aircraft and the necessary charging infrastructure.

In its first year in 2018, she was focused on research, development, and testing. A team of talented engineers and designers worked on the electric powertrain and charging system. In 2019, it achieved a major milestone with the maiden flight of its eVTOL Ava XC aircraft. Equipped with the company’s patented electric powertrain and advanced battery system, the Ava XC delivers impressive performance and environmental credentials.

In 2020, despite the challenges of the global pandemic, the company made substantial progress. It secured additional funding and established key partnerships with major airlines and operators. This helped enhance their industry connections.

In 2021, the entered a critical phase of development and certification of its flagship eVTOL aircraft, the Alia-250. They focused on improving the design, ensuring safety and reliability, and expanding the network of high-speed charging stations.

Looking to 2022 and beyond, the company is well-positioned with cutting-edge technologies and strong industry partnerships. Led by Kyle Clark and supported by his team and partners, it is paving the way for a more efficient and accessible aviation future.

Meaning and History

Beta Technologies Logo History

2017 – today

Beta Technologies Logo

A company specializing in advanced aerospace technology pays great attention to its image as a progressive manufacturer. That is why its logo contains unique graphic elements. The designers turned the ordinary gray word “BETA” into a memorable visual symbol by slightly changing the shape of the letters. As a result, the holes inside the letter “B” began to resemble the symbol of a lightning bolt formed from two triangles. The letters “E” and “T” are connected by a common horizontal stroke. The letter “A” has a disproportionately wide right diagonal.

A lightning bolt in the letter “B” symbolizes energy, speed, and innovation, key attributes of aerospace engineering. The joined “E” and “T” signify unity or integration, suggesting the cohesive operation of various technological components. The unique feature of the “A” – the wide right diagonal – introduces an element of intrigue, emphasizing the company’s deviation from the norm in search of innovative solutions.


Who owns BETA Technologies?

The company was founded by Kyle Clark in 2017 in Burlington, Vermont. Kyle Clark is an experienced pilot, engineer, and entrepreneur who played a decisive role in the leadership and development of the aviation company. As the founder, he owns a significant portion of the company. Other key investors and stakeholders are likely involved, as is often the case with growing technology companies. These investors help fund and support the aviation company’s development of electric aircraft technology.

What is BETA Technologies’ mission statement?

The aviation company aims to develop a sustainable system for electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. They strive to meet people’s transportation needs in a way that respects nature and works with it rather than against it. By combining cutting-edge aviation technology with environmental consciousness, they strive to make air travel healthier for the planet. Their goal is to drive innovation in the aviation industry to benefit people while protecting the environment.

What is the range of the BETA Technologies?

The aviation company’s ALIA electric aircraft is an exciting development, featuring a unique design and impressive performance. This electric plane can travel up to 250 miles on a single charge, reaching up to 138 mph. It is 90% quieter than traditional helicopters, ideal for noisy cities. ALIA has a wingspan of 50 feet, compact enough to work in small areas. This feature is especially useful in urban environments where space is limited. The aircraft’s range and speed make it ideal for various applications, including short trips, city trips, and even as a response vehicle for emergency services. One of the key advantages of the ALIA aircraft is its urban air mobility potential. It can act as a shuttle, helping to reduce traffic and make urban transport smoother and faster. Its ability to land in difficult-to-reach areas makes it suitable for emergency medical services where quick response is critical.

Is beta technology publicly traded?

The airline is a private company, so its shares are unavailable on public stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. This means that the general public cannot buy shares as usual. Information on a company’s private market share price can be found through Forge Data.