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The Big Lots logo draws attention, promising benefits and discounts. With their impressive appearance, the elements show the full scale of savings available to customers. The sign seems to rush buyers to look at the sale and not miss their luck.

Big Lots: Brand overview

Founded:December 13, 1967
Founder:Sol A. Shenk
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

Big Lots is a brand of discount retailers with a presence in every state of America. It sells home goods: electronics, furniture, appliances, health and beauty items, holiday paraphernalia, décor, textiles, and groceries. Belongs to Consolidated Stores Corp. Has more than 1,400 outlets with 35,000 employees served by five distribution centers. Profits for 2020 are $630 million.

The corporation’s headquarters in Columbus has remained a permanent fixture for 54 years, since its founding in 1967. But the business direction has been significantly adjusted and expanded, as has the name. Car manufacturing, toy stores, furniture – Sol Schenk bought up companies of various kinds and also opened his stores. Initially under the Odd Lots brand, until it turned out that there was a competing company with a similar name. So the new stores had to be called Big & Small Lots, and those already open were renamed Big Lots. Only after the purchase of MacFrugals did the owners (Schenk died in 1994) bring the business to a “common denominator” sell the “superfluous” areas. All the outlets worked under one brand.

Meaning and History

Big Lots Logo History

The Big Lots logo has evolved as the company has grown and expanded with new stores throughout the United States. At first, it was a very laconic wordmark, recognizable only by its pink-orange color. Later, a modern emblem appeared with more diverse elements. Everything in it is symbolic – starting with a massive two-level inscription and ending with an original curved exclamation mark.

Using two contrasting fonts emphasizes the variety of products offered by the discounter. And the exclamation point can be interpreted as a call to use the services of Big Lots immediately. This is a manifestation of creativity and an attempt to fill the logo with bright emotions because they make people make purchases.

What is Big Lots?

An American discounter with a retail chain of 1,400 stores selling home goods. It Spans 47 states. The main concentration of business: Florida, Ohio, Texas, California. Revenues – $6 billion.

1985 – 1999

Big Lots Logo 1985

Initially, the Big Lots brand encompassed only stores open in and within a small radius of Columbus. A very concise and simple logo, consisting only of the name, was created for the growing brand. However, the use of upper case and bold type spoke to the serious claims of the young chain. It foretold its great future.

The letter O is slanted in the word Lots, standing out from the overall style. It evokes the association with zero and speaks of the low value of the offered products.

1999 – 2001

Big Lots Logo 1999

The new logo comes months after Big Lots bought MacFrugals stores and added them to its chain. The brand name is now red, with thin black outlines, and inside a bright yellow rounded rectangle. In the same place, but slightly lower, was the dark blue phrase “Bargains Closeouts,” divided into two parts by a small red circle. The first line used a serif bubble font similar to Typewriter FS Condensed Bold jn FontSite Inc. The second one is bold grotesque, which has much in common with SoftMaker’s Limerick Cd Serial Heavy.

2001 – today

Big Lots Logo

In 1997 the MacFrugals chain of stores was bought. On their basis, the company created the brand Big Lots, combining them with its retail outlets and selling toy stores. In connection with this, the logo has changed.

The new logo Big Lots reflects the essence of the company’s name. The word “big” was written in very large letters, in bold type. And this is no accident. The company is constantly:

  • Emphasizes the desire to provide great benefits to its customers by selling valuable items at the lowest possible price. It’s a way to live larger, more convenient, and save more.
  • Strives to give great opportunities to its employees by being the best place to work.
  • Makes great demands on its suppliers regarding legal compliance, food safety, and no child labor. Audits and cooperates only with those who meet all points.
  • Regularly organizes “Give More” campaigns, where it raises funds for children’s hospitals.

That’s why the word Big is a real slogan and an action guide. This is reflected in the logo by the letters’ size, color, and thickness.

The arrangement of the name on two “floors” with the dominant position of the inscription Big further strengthens the association with something large, large-scale, and imposing.

They chose a subtle font for the word “lots” that made it shorter. Because of this, a large orange curved exclamation point was placed next to it. It differs from the rest of the composition, both in color and with a perky curve.

The same exclamation point is on the company’s website and marks the sections with sales and discounts. In the logo, it is used to attract attention; it encourages us to hurry up. Hints at a flexible system of discounts. It is associated with hammering at auctions. The word “lot” hints at an auction.

Font and Colors

Big Lots Emblem

The main colors of the visual marks are black and orange.

  • Orange is the predominant shade in the first logo. This warm color, a symbol of care, joy, and a friendly attitude to customers, indicates home products. It evokes associations with sunshine and the good spirits of customers who found affordable items. In America, orange echoes gratitude. It is the color of pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Many customers leave the chain thankful because, with a little money, they were able to solve their problem.
  • Black is the main color of the modern emblem. It appeared as a result of the powerful push and spread of the brand. It symbolizes a large scale, dominance in the market, and a confident position. However, preserving the orange accent in the form of an exclamation mark indicates that the company continues to take care of its customers and bring good to the world. The sign is present as an exclamation of “Wow!”, an expression of surprise and delight from customers who have found a wonderful thing at such a price.

Big Lots Symbol

ITC American Typewriter Pro Bold Condensed font was used for the first logo, which served the company for thirty years. The serifs made the lettering elegant so that the store was not associated with cheap low-end goods but with beautiful and vintage items.

In the new version of the logo, the font was completely changed to a sleek and austere Insta Story Bold. This made the lettering more modern. Showed that the store has simple, reliable, and essential items.

Big Lots color codes

Deep SaffronHex color:#f79239
RGB:247 146 57
CMYK:0 41 77 3
Pantone:PMS 1495 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C