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The Bild logo is impressive and hot. It represents a newspaper with shocking, intriguing, and engaging articles. A sensation is hidden in the emblem, and the theme of success and popularity is encrypted.

Bild: Brand overview

Founded:24 June 1952
Founder:Axel Springer SE
Berlin, Germany

Bild is the most popular German daily newspaper, with a circulation of 1.6 million in print and digital form (16th place worldwide). The tabloid prints 32 editions of the country—broadsheet issues with sensations, crime, politics, and interesting details of famous people’s lives.

Meaning and History

Bild Logo History

The publication’s logo has been the same since its release. It reminds of the emblem of the main competitor, which the newspaper competed with – Der Spiegel and the British tabloid that the Bild’s creator looked up to – Daily Mirror. The choice of red-white shades and large sizes foretold the tabloid’s development and popularity. Giant letters ingrained in readers’ minds the association with success and leadership. The word emblem without pictures perfectly matched the print newspaper.

What is Bild?

A German tabloid publication. It comes out seven days a week with a special Sunday issue. By the end of the 20th century, the circulation reached up to 5 million copies daily. It is second in popularity in Germany. The headquarters is in Berlin.

1952 – today

Bild Logo

The logo consists of the name, made with white elongated letters on a red rectangular background.

The name Bild in German means “picture” and is associated with the first versions of the publication, which contained many images. The white font speaks of the news.

The size of the letters and their elongation upwards emphasize the features of the tabloid.

  1. Large circulations. Readers bought up to 5 million newspapers daily.
  2. The most significant free special issues. The circulation for the 60th anniversary was 41 million copies for all families in Germany and was included in the Guinness Book of Records.
  3. Stories about high-ranking politicians and stars. It is believed that Bild has a colossal influence on politics.
  4. A huge number of subscribers. The newspaper ranks 5th in the world in terms of the number of online subscribers.

The intentional stretching also shows the ability to make a sensation out of any trifle—coverage of only significant and major incidents.

The red background adds a sense of urgency and hot news. The white letters form an additional square inside the red border, reminiscent of a bright picture or snapshot.

Font and Colors

The contrast of white and red makes the logo festive and ceremonial.

  • Red – leadership, fame, reader love.
  • White – continuous renewal, keeping pace with time, new news every day.

The font of the inscription is similar to Starship Command Regular. Angular letters indicate the discussion of acute topical issues. The smoothing of individual glyphs speaks about the manner of presenting news in an interesting and colorful “package.”

Bild color codes

Maximum RedHex color:#d91918
RGB:217 25 24
CMYK:0 88 89 15
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C