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Biman Bangladesh Airlines: Brand overview

Biman Bangladesh Airlines began operations shortly after Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan. Officially established on January 4, 1972, the company launched with a fleet acquired from Pakistan International Airlines and a mission to link Bangladesh to the global community. Within a month of its inception, on February 4, 1972, the airline initiated domestic and international flights.

Throughout the 1970s, despite numerous problems, the company expanded its activities. It acquired new aircraft, such as the Douglas DC-10 and Fokker F27, and began flying to key destinations in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka served as its main transport hub.

The 1980s and 1990s saw further growth as the airline added modern aircraft such as the Airbus A310 and Boeing 737. Despite encountering political challenges and stiff competition, they remained a crucial connector for Bangladesh, bolstering trade and tourism.

The 2000s marked a significant transformation for Air Canada, transitioning from a government corporation to a public limited company in 2007. This shift facilitated enhanced management capabilities and investment opportunities. During this period, Air Canada modernized its fleet with the addition of Boeing 777s and expanded its route network to include destinations such as China, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

Enhancements under new leadership characterized the 2010s. The airline upgraded its fleet, optimized operations, and introduced premium services. It incorporated modern aircraft like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner into its fleet.

Like many airlines, it faced significant disruption during the pandemic. It quickly adapted by changing its operational strategies and implementing strict security protocols. With travel resuming, the company is well positioned for growth through its hubs at Shah Amanat and Osmani International Airports. It has navigated substantial challenges, including political upheavals, natural disasters, and competitive pressures.

Meaning and History

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Logo History

What is Beeman Bangladesh Airlines?

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the pride of the nation, was established after Bangladesh was declared an independent state in 1971. The government of Bangladesh established the company in January 1972 to become the national flagship carrier of the country. The airline began operations on February 4, 1972, initially connecting the capital Dhaka with regional centers. Over time, the airline expanded its wings, connecting Bangladesh to the entire world. In 2007, Airways became a state-owned limited liability company with a controlling stake held by the government. The company opened satellite hubs at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong and Osmani International Airport in Sylhet, improving connectivity to the central parts of the country. The airline provides international passenger and cargo transportation, operating in 42 countries.

1972 –  today

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Logo

Biman Bangladesh Airlines was founded in 1972 and continues to operate today. The company’s logo is designed in green to symbolize the lush green expanses of Bangladesh. A red circle next to the inscription refers to elements of the national flag, chosen to honor the homeland and emphasize the deep national roots of the airline. The circle symbolizes the sun, against which airplanes majestically pass, representing the peace and tranquility they provide in the air.

The logo’s central element is an image of a flying white bird, representing an airplane prototype. With its curved neck, the bird resembles a condor, although the vultures it belongs to do not inhabit Bangladesh. This feature makes the image particularly significant and unique. Alternatively, the bird can remind one of a flying camel, an important mode of transport in some regions of Asia.

2010 –  2011

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Logo 2010

On the logo of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, a long green lettering stands out. It is the name of the airline, divided into two lines and aligned on the left edge. The top line consists of the bold italicized word “Biman.” Below it is the phrase “BANGLADESH AIRLINES,” also in italics but in thinner capital letters. The red circle on the left symbolizes the sun and serves as a background for a stylized white stork with rectangular wings, a triangular head, and a curved neck. The image was created by Quamrul Hasan in 1972.

The green color of the inscription echoes the national colors of Bangladesh, reinforcing the sense of patriotism. The stork gives the inscription an elegance and freedom often associated with flight. The red circle, symbolizing the sun, is a universal symbol of warmth and life. The logo incorporates both cultural and universal symbols, making it easily recognizable.


What is the name of the Bangladesh Biman logo?

The “Balaka” logo features a stylized white stork inside a red circle. The white stork, created by artist Quamrul Hassan in 1972, symbolizes purity, elegance, and grace, reflecting Bangladesh’s natural beauty and wildlife. The red circle symbolizes strength and vitality, demonstrating the country’s independent spirit.

What does Biman mean in Bangladesh?

The word “Biman” is translated as “aircraft” in Bengali. It serves as the name of “Biman Bangladesh Airlines,” the national airline of Bangladesh. The name aptly describes the company’s core business – aviation – and highlights its role as a symbol of national pride in international aviation.

What is the slogan for Biman Bangladesh Airlines?

Slogan: “Your home is in the air.” This slogan shows the airline’s commitment to providing hospitality and comfort comparable to home, making it especially attractive to travelers seeking discovery and relaxation while flying.

Who owns Biman?

The airline is wholly owned by the Government of Bangladesh and managed by the Bangladesh Biman Corporation, a government body responsible for overseeing its operations since its inception. This arrangement ensures that the company is aligned with the country’s broader economic and infrastructure policies.

What airline code is BD?

The airline code “BD” is used as specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This two-letter code facilitates various operational tasks such as booking, ticketing, and airport services and streamlines processes across international platforms.