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The teams of Binghamton University are represented by the intimidating logo of Binghamton Bearcats, tasked with the necessary psychological impact on the opponent. The mascot-monster in a somber color palette, creating a sinister atmosphere, symbolizes incredible strength and determination.

Binghamton Bearcats: Brand overview

Vestal, New York, U.S.
Binghamton Bearcats is the name of 21 teams belonging to Binghamton University (its full name is State University of New York at Binghamton). The most well-known among them are baseball, wrestling, and two basketball teams (men’s and women’s). The sports faculty is part of NCAA Division I and is a member of the America East Conference. The university is located in Binghamton, New York. The sports department is headed by Patrick Elliott.

Meaning and History

Binghamton Bearcats Logo History

Since 1988, the sports organization’s logo consisted solely of one image – “Baxter the Bearcat,” which became the university’s mascot in 1999. The logo change occurred in connection with reclassification when the department was included in the first division of the NCAA. The new symbolism depicts a bearcat with the head of a cat and the body of a bear. The beast is in a waiting pose and has extended one clawed paw forward while holding the university’s name with the other. The beast’s mouth is slightly open, showing sharp teeth with fangs, indicating incredible strength, determination, and a resolute attitude.

Below the mascot is the textual part of the logo, arranged in three tiers: the top says “Binghamton,” the middle “Bearcats,” and the bottom “University.” All letters are uppercase, with serifs. In the first word (the name of the sports faculty), they are more expressive and styled like a scratch from cat claws.

What is Binghamton Bearcats?

Binghamton Bearcats is the sports division uniting 21 student teams of Binghamton University. It’s located in Broome County, New York, participates in NCAA Division I, and is part of the SUNY system. Its representatives are also members of the America East Conference, the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (wrestling), the Mid-American Conference (tennis), and the Big Sky Conference (golf).

Binghamton Bearcats Basketball

Binghamton Bearcats emblem

For some time, the men’s basketball team of this university was involved in a scandal that severely tarnished its reputation and sports career. It turned out that the university compromised educational programs and admission rules to staff the team with the best players, bypassing the academic program. As a result, the university lost several employees and athletes. Since then, the Binghamton Bearcats team has never achieved resounding victories in the overall ranking or in the America East Conference they represent.

The women’s basketball team has never appeared in the “First Division Tournament” but participated in the third and second division games – in 1995-1998 and 1999, respectively.

Binghamton Bearcats: Interesting Facts

The Binghamton Bearcats are a sports team from Binghamton University in Vestal, New York. They play in the top college sports league, NCAA Division I, and are part of the America East Conference.

  1. Top League: The Bearcats play against the best college teams in the country, which shows that they’re good at sports.
  2. Big Rivalries: Being in the America East Conference means they compete against other schools in the Northeast, which can make for some exciting games.
  3. Lots of Sports: Binghamton has teams for both guys and girls in many sports, like basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, and more. This means lots of students can play and represent their school.
  4. Smart and Sporty: The university is not just about sports but also about studying. Binghamton is known for having smart students who are also good at sports.
  5. Wrestling Wins: Their wrestling team is especially strong, with some wrestlers becoming All-Americans and competing in national championships.
  6. Soccer Success: The men’s soccer team has done well, winning championships and playing in big tournaments, making it one of the top soccer teams.
  7. Baseball Champs: The baseball team has also won big, grabbing titles and qualifying for the NCAA tournament.
  8. Helping Out: The Bearcats like to help in their community by doing different projects to improve things for everyone.
  9. Great Places to Play: The university has some nice places for sports, like modern stadiums and training areas, so athletes have everything they need to be their best.

The Binghamton Bearcats stand out because they’re not just about winning games; they also do well in school and help out in their community, making them a special part of college sports.

Font and Colors

Binghamton Bearcats color codes

Gotham GreenHex color:#005a43
RGB:0 90 67
CMYK:100 0 26 65
Pantone:PMS 3298 C
Shamrock GreenHex color:#169b62
RGB:22 155 98
CMYK:86 0 37 39
Pantone:PMS 3405 C
RedHex color:#bf0d3e
RGB:191 13 62
CMYK:0 93 68 25
Pantone:PMS 192 C
Dark GrayHex color:#b1b3b3
RGB:177 179 179
CMYK:1 0 0 30
Pantone:PMS 421 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C