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The Binter Canarias logo is like a green light in the sky telling you that you can take a trip to the islands. It’s not just letters; it’s a promise that you’ll get from one sunny island to another and maybe even travel to mainland Europe. The green is the palm trees you see when you land, a little touch of the tropics before you even step off the plane.

Binter Canarias: Brand overview

Since its foundation in 1988, Binter Canarias Airlines has been a reliable mainstay in the Canary Islands aviation industry. Based on the island of Gran Canaria, this Spanish airline has become one of the most important in the archipelago and has firmly connected the islands with its reliable network of flights.

Binter Canarias began with a modest pair of CASA C-212 aircraft, each seating seven passengers. The initial goal was to provide Canary Islanders with air transportation options and tourists with competitive fares. Since its early days, the airline has grown exponentially, with a fleet of more than 30 airplanes and serving more than 20 destinations.

An important milestone in the development of Binter Canarias was the appearance of modern ATR 72-500 aircraft in its arsenal. This opened up new opportunities for international flights and allowed Binter Canarias to organize charter flights to such exotic destinations as Morocco, Madeira, and Portugal.

Meaning and History

Binter Canarias Logo History

What is Binter Canarias?

Binter Canarias Airlines is the flagship carrier of the Spanish autonomous community of the Canary Islands. It flies from Gran Canaria Airport in Telde (Gran Canaria) and Tenerife North Airport in San Cristobal de Laguna (Spain), providing vital connections throughout the archipelago and beyond.

The airline’s journey began in 1988 when it was established as a subsidiary of Iberia. It gradually expanded its reach, serving the Canary Islands as well as destinations in Africa, Portugal, and Western Sahara. Despite changes in ownership and business structure, the airline has successfully maintained its reputation as a reliable carrier in the Canary Islands and beyond.

1988 – today

Binter Canarias Logo

The theme of flying is conveyed in the Binter Canarias logo. Two airplanes resembling wide-winged hang gliders are depicted in the upper left corner. The smaller object overlaps the larger one, forming a conceptual composition. Both elements have rounded tops and pointed wing tips. The name of the airline is typed to the right of them in different italicized fonts. For the first word, the designers chose a super bold green sans serif font, and for the second word – an elegant olive font with oblique cuts at the ends that look like serifs.

The use of two contrasting fonts gives the logo versatility. The bold green font emphasizes the brand identity, while the elegant olive font adds sophistication. The choice of green can also symbolize environmental awareness or a connection to nature, which is commonly associated with the Canary Islands, where the airline operates. The rounded tops and pointed tips of the airplanes’ wings create a sense of aerodynamics and speed.

Binter Canarias color codes

Spanish Green Hex color: #00963b
RGB: 0 150 59
CMYK: 100 0 61 41
Pantone: PMS 354 C
Acid Green Hex color: #b9cc2e
RGB: 185 204 46
CMYK: 9 0 77 20
Pantone: PMS 382 C