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Bitci: Brand overview

Founder:Onur Altan Tan
Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey
In 2018, Bitci was born out of the entrepreneurial vision of Onur Altan Tan in the picturesque location of Bodrum, Turkey. Onur Altan Tan was previously known as the creator of the cryptocurrency exchange CHFT. Under his leadership, Bitci turned into a multifaceted platform, which was engaged in the exchange of cryptocurrencies, mining, and creating its own blockchain network. A significant achievement was the launch of Bitcicoin in the same year, which became the first Turkish cryptocurrency with an independent blockchain infrastructure.

In the following years, Bitci expanded its horizons far beyond Turkey. By 2021-2022, the company looked to international territories such as Brazil and Spain, intending to open exchanges there. The company’s development trajectory in these countries was closely linked to soccer fan tokens, allowing it to connect with the soccer community.

Financially, by 2021, Bitci had accumulated an impressive amount of over $50 million, with Coinbase Ventures and Middle East Venture Partners as its key investors. Added to this success are important alliances with famous soccer teams such as Brazil, Spain, and Uruguay and partnerships with clubs that include Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Bitci received recognition after it was named the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchange” at the prestigious Crypto Expo Dubai in 2021. The driving force behind all these achievements is Onur Altan Tan, who is a Cambridge University graduate and an entrepreneur.

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