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The poignancy of the plot and dangerous stunts are conveyed by the sharp and poignant symbols of the film’s emblem. The Black Panther logo promises exciting adventures and battles with villains that only the main character with superpowers can defeat.

Black Panther: Brand overview

Founder:Marvel Studios
United States
Dilogy Black Panther is dedicated to the adventures of heroes who have superhuman powers. The debut film was presented in 2018, and the second is scheduled for release in 2022. This is a screen version of the comic book of the same name about a superhero named Black Panther and originally written by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. The original movie was written by Joe Robert Cole and Ryan Kyle Coogler. Marvel Studios took over as publisher. The film company began main shooting in 2017, even though work had begun several years earlier. The idea for the project was proposed by actor Wesley Trent Snipes back in the 1990s.

Meaning and History

Black Panther Logo History

The film crew paid attention to the plot components and the visual identity, which was supposed to advantageously present Black Panther and set it apart from other superhero films. The movie logo combines two striking elements. The first is the studio symbol, which owns the rights to the film and all the characters, including the main character.

Symbol Black Panther

The symbol of the superhero Black Panther and the film is an image of a mask with cat ears, a W-shaped nose, and large slits for the eyes. This icon is similar to the main character’s mask but has several differences. First of all, it is a simplified version because the elements are presented schematically. For example, the mouth has two short vertical lines that look like a pause in the media. The eyes are exaggeratedly enlarged and have an uneven elongated shape. The nose only vaguely resembles a cat’s – it looks more like a stylized letter “W.”

The facial expressions are reflected in wide white stripes that cross the black mask at different angles. They are located strictly symmetrically: what is on the right is always on the left. There are two horizontal lines on the forehead. This is not so much an attempt to imitate the color of a panther, but rather the joints of the plates on the superhero’s mask. The intricate curves above the eye sockets resemble menacingly drawn eyebrows. And two stripes on the cheeks can denote both sunken cheekbones and ritual drawings on the warrior’s face.

What is Black Panther?

Black Panther is a superhero from Marvel comics. Based on his adventures, a film of the same name was made (in 2018), and an animated series was created (in 2010). This character was created by screenwriter Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. He was conceived as the patron saint of a fictional country in East Africa.

2014 (pre-release)

Black Panther Logo 2014

A blue inscription in gold edging with dazzling highlights shines brightly on a completely black background. The sides of the letters are mirrored, with a chrome finish, as if they were made of their mega-strong metal. This added three-dimensionality to them. The aura of impregnability and great power is complemented by massive spikes sticking out at the ends of some letters and serifs with a pointed edges. Together they create the right atmosphere for action movies and superhero movies. And this design of the Black Panther emblem also indicates that it is associated with a predatory representation of the feline world, where merciless claws and sharpened fangs are paramount. The font is capital, with uneven glyph heights and diagonal cuts.


Black Panther Logo 2018

This emblem looks traditional: on the left is the white word “MARVEL” inside a red rectangle, and on the right is the black “STUDIOS,” underlined above and below with thin lines. The brand name has been scaled down and moved to the very top so that all the attention is focused on the film’s title.

Most of the space is reserved for the blue “BLACK PANTHER” lettering. The designers put the word “BLACK” in the first line and made it compact. “PANTHER” is located in the lower half of the logo and is larger than the rest of the elements. The phrase is colored dark blue and has a gradient. Another decoration technique is light highlights, which create depth and resemble reflections on the water.

The title of the film looks monolithic and impressive because the letters have a wide golden border. This contour makes them appear three-dimensional, in contrast to the top lettering “MARVEL STUDIOS.” The non-standard “fairytale” logo design matches the fantasy genre. And acute-angled letters with protruding spikes and serifs personify another direction of the motion picture – the action movie.

2021 (pre-release)

Black Panther Logo 2021

In this version of the logo, the emphasis is not on the franchise’s name but on a separate film. Therefore, the line with the words “Black Panther” is small and inconspicuous, but the following inscription, “Wakanda Forever,” is large and catchy. The letters are voluminous, metalized, and shiny. Three-dimensionality is added to them by the side parts that each glyph has. They are like a mirror, so they also shine. At the very top is the producer and distributor of the action movie. The company name is traditionally painted white and placed in a red rectangle. All three rows of text are center aligned.

Black Panther: Interesting Facts

The “Black Panther” film series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been a big deal culturally and in movies since it first appeared.

  1. First Black Superhero: Black Panther was the first Black superhero in mainstream American comics, introduced in 1966 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He opened the door for more diverse characters in comics and movies.
  2. Smashing Records: Ryan Coogler directed the first “Black Panther” movie in 2018, which became the highest-grossing film by a Black director. It was also the first superhero movie nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars out of seven nominations.
  3. Cultural Celebration: The movie was praised for portraying African culture, presenting Wakanda as a technologically advanced, culturally rich African nation. This positive representation empowered Black culture.
  4. Unique Soundtrack: Kendrick Lamar curated the soundtrack, winning a Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media Grammy. It mixed hip-hop with traditional African music, showing the film’s broad influence.
  5. Wakanda Forever: The sequel faced challenges after Chadwick Boseman’s death. It honored his memory by not recasting T’Challa, focusing on Wakanda’s other stories.
  6. Futuristic Vision: Wakanda’s portrayal as a highly advanced nation showcased Afrofuturism through its technology and design, inspiring viewers with its visionary depiction of Africa.
  7. Award-Winning Fashion: Ruth E. Carter designed the costumes, which earned an Academy Award, the first for an African American in Best Costume Design.
  8. Boosting Tourism: The film boosted interest in African tourism, with countries like South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda seeing more visitors wanting to experience the culture that inspired Wakanda.
  9. Inspiring Change: The movie spurred social initiatives, including fundraisers to help children in underserved areas see the film, showing the importance of representation in media.
  10. Lasting Impact: “Black Panther” goes beyond the movies to symbolize pride and representation, sparking conversations about diversity and the need for varied stories in Hollywood.

The “Black Panther” series has been a cultural milestone, demonstrating the significance of representation and celebrating diverse voices in cinema.

Font and Colors

Black Panther Emblem

The top of the Black Panther logo looks like a classic Marvel Studios wordmark. It uses two fonts: Benton Sans Compressed Black by Cyrus Highsmith and Kenyan Coffee Regular by Ray Larabie. The film’s title is written in a custom typeface with short serifs, wide stripes, and asymmetry. Based on this design, user Gene Buban came up with the Panthera font family.

Black Panther Logo

Logo colors, like typography, are varied. The developers combined several shades of blue in a gradient, added white reflections, and outlined the letters with golden lines with a tone transition. All this made it possible to revive the words “BLACK PANTHER” and emphasize the fantastic direction of the action movie. The top of the logo is completely different. It combines three colors: red, white and black. The mask emblem is completely black with single white elements.

Black Panther color codes

Cerulean FrostHex color:#7b9ebf
RGB:123 158 191
CMYK:36 17 0 28
Pantone:PMS 645 C
Queen BlueHex color:#486e9d
RGB:72 110 157
CMYK:72 110 157
Pantone:PMS 647 C
EigengrauHex color:#0d0e13
RGB:13 14 19
CMYK:32 26 0 93
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C
Light yellowHex color:#ffffe2
RGB:255 255 226
CMYK:0 0 11 0
Pantone:PMS 7485 C
Mustard BrownHex color:#b97a22
RGB:185 122 34
CMYK:0 34 82 27
Pantone:PMS 145 C
BistreHex color:#3b2915
RGB:59 41 21
CMYK:0 31 64 77
Pantone:PMS 4625 C

What do Black Panthers symbolize?

These animals are associated with rebirth and death, which gives them a sacred character. And they also symbolize fearlessness, aggression, honor, leadership qualities, and a combination of inner strength and outer grace.

Does Black Panther have a logo?

Yes, both the film and the superhero Black Panther have their logos. In the first case, this is a wordmark containing the film’s name. The character’s symbol was left without inscriptions: he is represented by a black and white mask with small cat ears.